Thermal diagnostics of buildings and structures

Thermal losses of the building are often invisible to the naked eye. Their appearance is due to causes such as improper use of heating devices and design features of buildings and their defects. Excessive heat losses are manifested in higher heating costs, and often many of them don't even realize. Heat losses can be detected by thermography. This diagnosis will allow you to obtain reliable information about the thermal state of a building or structure.

Thermal imaging inspection is a modern method that allows to obtain accurate information about the condition of the building envelope at the time of diagnosis. When thermal imaging diagnostics of buildings and structures using a special measuring device - a thermal imaging camera. It allows you to monitor the temperature distribution of the surface, which is examined in the infrared range. Hot and cold areas are color-coded on the thermogram. Using these data it is possible to identify areas with temperature anomalies. During thermal imaging diagnostics of buildings being tested Windows, walls, ceilings, heated floors, intermediate floors, entrance and balcony doors, heating systems and carry out the survey of the presence of heat.

Thermal diagnostics of buildings and structures:

  • identify hidden defects walling, which protect the building from external adverse effects of natural factors;
  • detect defects in the roof, door and window openings, Foundation;
  • check the insulation according to the standards and to determine the heat loss of the building;
  • to determine locations of possible walls sweating;
  • to get the energy survey objective information for the compilation of the energy passport.

Thermal diagnostics residential provides monitoring of heating equipment and control  construction works. Such inspections of buildings safe, allow you to save on maintenance, are carried out without de-energizing existing equipment and without dismantling construction. Thermal imaging diagnosis residential facility is only in the cold season in good light and no foreign objects in the corners, on the floor, window sills. The temperature difference between indoors and the street should be more than 15 degrees Celsius. Only under such conditions it is possible to conduct high-quality thermal imaging diagnostics.

Company LLC GeoTop holds thermal  diagnostics of buildings and structures of any type. The company's specialists LLC GeoTop ensure efficiency, accuracy and reliability of data when carrying out thermal imaging diagnostics of buildings and structures.

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