Technical materials and documents that confirm the size of the land plot

the Constitution of Ukraine provides two ways to gain ownership of land: the first is the receipt of an inheritance, by deal the sale or other civil-legal agreements between two parties; the second is the privatization of land. Privatization of land required for construction of the language, and for maintenance of farm buildings and other real property, and for maintenance of residential buildings. This procedure in our country it is possible to implement for free. For the privatization of land you need technical materials and documents which confirm the size of the plot.

to get a technical materials and documents to service residential buildings and commercial structures you need to collect certain documents and submit them to the engineer-land surveyor. He, in turn, should take care of the drafting and design of graphic materials. Some of them have to be approved by the local departments of planning and architecture. Output documents include passport data, a copy of the certificate of identification code, the statement on registration of ownership of immovable property, an extract from the State land cadastre on land.

Graphic materials include:

  1. Situational layout of the land. This document razrabatyvaetsya on the basis of data obtained during the topographic survey. Typically, situational scheme is being developed at a scale of 1 to 2000.
  2. Cadastral plan of the land plot. This document is being developed on this scale, which allows you to clearly reflect the following elements:
    • borders of the land;
    • the properties located on the site;
    • the boundaries of adjacent properties;
    • cadastral number of the land;
    • the coordinates of the turning points and so on.
  3. the Directory of the coordinates of the boundaries of the land.
  4. the Act of establishing (restoring) and agreeing the boundaries of the land in kind (on the ground). To obtain this Act necessary to carry out geodetic works called the removal of boundaries. To do this, the surveyor leaves the land and carries out the measurements. The act of establishment and coordination of land boundaries in nature must have the signature and seal of the surveyor who carried out this type of work and the number of their qualification certificate.
  5. the Act of transfer and acceptance of landmarks for storage
  6. map of the land.
  7. Topographic and geodetic survey 1:500 stamped "Prijatno" Department of urban planning and architecture. This survey represents the terrain and the situation of the area. Data collected during the topographic survey is the basis for topographic maps. As a result during the development of this graphical material on it displays all the communications that exist on the land, all the elements of the buildings located on the territory.

in - technical materials and documents that confirm the size of the plot, also include a copy of the Statement and the qualification certificate of the engineer-land surveyor.

For the development of graphic materials, as noted above, it is necessary to conduct geodetic works. These works should only be entrusted to qualified professionals who have certificates and permits for the provision of surveying services. Such are the professionals of the company " Guild Engineering". We will perform all surveying work efficiently and quickly.


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