Technical report of the topographic-geodetic works

Guild Engineering will perform topographic and geodetic works with the technical report, the complex includes topographic survey, technical report topographic surveys. Thatched topographic survey contains all the information about the artist, instruments, subject, conditions of work, geodetic study of the area. technical report of the surveying work required to confirm competence geodetic organization that performed topographic and geodetic works on your site.

Topographic survey is the primary geodetic procedure. It can help to capture all the features of the territory, and the results of implementation of the developed topographic plan. In some cases, in addition to the use of standard digital and electronic devices, used space and aerial photography. The palette scale shooting may also be different depending on the purpose and study area. This can be quite a large fixation, 1:100, 1:200, and small shot, covering large areas is 1:1000, 1:2000. But the best scale is 1:500. It will fix all the necessary elements, but to make it quite clearly.

Topographic survey involves performing successive stages originating from one another. First is the direct study of the site and its shooting. This so-called field research. After them, when the area was investigated and all key points are fixed, you can move on to processing the received information. All data shall be submitted on a topographic plan. The third stage is technical report. It is the result of a topographic survey, which is sent to the client. This document is required in order to execute all the documents on the construction in architectural and urban organizations. If this report is endorsed, approved and adopted, it is easy to take as a basis for the design of the structure.

The technical report consists of the following materials:

  • explanatory note;
  • application;
  • technical task;
  • the application for carrying out topographical survey at the site, as well as permission for their implementation;
  • situation plan;
  • topographic plan;
  • copies of licenses of the organization, confirming the right to carry out these works;
  • certificate of calibration of total station (only needed a copy of this document).

technical report not only can design, but also to make spatial documents to obtain land in his possession, to give it a cadastral number.

Basis of any  technical report topographic surveys are not only evidence of the shooting, but also the documents for the land and personal information about the client. Also for documenting the technical report will need processed the results of the survey. This explanatory note with goals and objectives, prerequisites for such geological procedures, as well as specific information about time, location and performers. Quantitative data also need to put information on the total area of the territory, its coordinates, borders, and graphics in the form of maps and plan. Thatched topographic survey perederutsya to the customer in 3 instances.

Topographical survey and, accordingly, technical report should only be carried out by those companies and professionals who have the appropriate licenses for the carrying out of such works. The equipment must also have certificates and inspection acts. Our company is authorized to carry out geodetic data procedures and has the right to make technical reports of any complexity. The report, developed by us successfully pass all stages of testing in all departments. Ordering from us and topographical survey and preparation of a technical report, you can count on quality performance of complex procedures before beginning design. Technical report topographic surveys do not offer all of the organization, its manufacture, the customer makes an application at the stage of pre-contractual relations

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