Technical specification for complex survey for construction

To compile the program works you must have technical specifications

Company "Guild Engineering" carries out a complex of works for construction, including work on geodesy and Geology. The basis for the writing of the research programme is to obtain the approved technical specifications for complex survey for construction containing the source information for the compilation of the program.

terms of reference for the complex survey for construction

Parts of the technical specifications for the complex survey for construction

Reference is made on a standard form and consists of two parts:

  • text;
  • graphic.

Комплекс работ: геология + топосъемка + вынос границ по цене 10 900 грн

In the text part of the requirements specification provides the name and location of the object, information about who is the customer, and indicates the design stage. In the fifth paragraph of the task is to list information about previously completed work, the materials which are available:

  • surveying;
  • Geology.

This data will be studied and considered when determining the scope of these investigations. If there are special requirements for works, they are listed.

Technical specification for complex survey for construction must contain information about the topographic survey 1:500 displaying boundaries for its operation and the implementation of agreements, providing copies of m 1:2000 approval. Is transmitted digitally by the plan with the boundaries shown on the cadastral documents and turning points. In Excel file there is also information on the type of geodetic surveys and their approximate area. For example:

  • topographical map M1:500 - 5.6 hectares
  • topographical map of M1:2000 - 74.0 ha;
  • borders of the - 1.0020 ha.

Example of technical specifications for complex survey for construction: special requirements to the results of Geology

the work Program is based on existing standards. However, the customer has the right to set additional requirements for works or to emphasize the need for compliance with existing rules.

for Example, the customer may exhibit the following requirements:

  1. to Specify that it must table the bearing capacity of piles with a diameter of 420 mm 620, based on the results of the static sounding.
  2. to Define a method of drilling wells and technical to write that the selection of bulk and monoliths from loess soil made of pits or surfa-horns.
  3. Place the report pictures the execution of geological field works (with list of works, photographs of which must be present).
  4. studies of mechanical properties of soils carried out in the range of design pressures.
  5. to Carry out work in accordance with certain normative documents.
  6. Before beginning work (under negotiation amounts) responsibility to submit for approval a work program with the layout of mine and points, deep wells, type and volumes of field and laboratory research.

specification for the complex survey for construction is the source of information for compiling the program

Customer in digital form is applied to the reference topographic map with plotted contour of a designed building. In the annexes to the instructions contained the basic data of the design features of the object (the class of consequences, dimensions, the expected type of foundations, load). Examining the possibility of using archival data and guided by the normative documentation and requirements of the customer, geologists determine the location of wells, their depth, outline the methodology and volumes of testing, establish the need for field testing.

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