Technical specification for topographical surveys

the Importance of getting the customer's technical specifications

the Preparatory period - the first stage of surveying is very significant. This period is the collection and study of previous surveys, carried out reconnaissance of the territory, the program is set up. But the first step, the beginning of surveying is obtaining an approved job. Technical specification for topographical surveys are the Foundation upon which all further work.

Technical specification for topographical surveys

On the basis of the job analysis materials previous geodetic studies and the results of reconnaissance makes the program work. The assignment should include the source data that will help the surveyors to navigate.

What information should contain the task to draw up a reasonable program of geodetic surveys

Surveyors company “Guild Engineering” perform the geodetic works in accordance with program. The deviation from it, the need for which arises in the working process, are permitted only after coordination with the client. They are justified in a technical report.

Ціна виклику спеціалістів від 2 000 грн за об'єкт

Technical specification for topographical surveys should include the following information.

property Details;

  • full name;
  • the location and boundaries of the implementation of removal (provided the site plan with the displayed bounds);
  • design.

Information about the customer (full name of the Contracting authority).

the Job contains requirements for the detail and completeness of display of the situation of the object. For example: ”Show existing buildings and structures, underground and above ground utilities, roads and footpaths, topography with spot elevations, buffer zone, sanitary zone.”

Technical requirements for execution of geodetic surveys

Task specifies the scale of the topographic plan building:

  1. If there are special additional requirements for the required materials objectives. For example: “topographic surveying carried out in accordance with the DBN A. 2.1-2014, to determine the absolute level of the clean floor space compressor”. Can be put forward requirements to improve the accuracy of topographic plans, or instructed to examine in detail the wells engineering communications when shooting with the scale 1:2000 and smaller. Also, the customer can nominate in the job requirement to create a separate plan for underground utilities on the territory of the industrial enterprise.
  2. a Task contains a list of the deliverables that needs to get the customer. For example: “Technical report. Topographic plan M1:500, engineering-topographic base M1:500”. If necessary special types of surveying there are sample forms for their submission.
  3. Technical specification for topographical surveys include reports about the existence of documentation of the performed geodetic works in the past years. Include a copy of an earlier shooting.
  4. To the job shall be attached a copy of the title document of the land.

Sign tasks technical Director project engineer and a responsible representative of the customer.

Definition of complexity of the conditions in the preparation of the program of geodetic works according to the tasks

In the normative literature in the form of the table summarizes the factors which determined the complexity. It is the slope of the terrain, the intensity of movement of vehicles and presence of pedestrians, density, configuration of buildings and gardens, a number of utilities. Technical specification for topographical survey indicates the boundaries of the area that address the above indicators.

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