Precision agriculture and agriculture

in order to dramatically increase productivity and profitability in the agricultural sector, use a system of precision farming. The demand for such services is quite justifiable, since precision farming and agriculture is an effective way to reduce production costs, increase productivity, and environmental cestat product. This is the basic purpose of this system based on this approach: the heterogeneity of the terrain and soil of any field necessitates its various processing.

the technology

the Value of precision agriculture should not be underestimated: processing of land plots is performed based on the current needs, which are determined using complex modern technologies (including used space imagery). So, the main components of this methodology include:

  1. a System of receiving spatial data by ground-based analytical methods.
  2. System spatial supervision perform actions using innovative GPS equipment and sensors.

Also, for each field being routing from the time of planting and prior to harvest. This approach allows us to obtain complete information that will help employees of the agricultural sector to take right decisions and timely adjustments to the situation on the field.

Methods of precision agriculture

the precision farming System has a clear focus on the cultivation of crops according to the natural inhomogeneity of the field. Under specific conditions, using different schemes of study raznoharakternye fields. So, soil survey involves the use of a solid method. And to survey the topography and the cuts are more applicable route, and sampling methods.

Also, there is a more precise and efficient in the modern scheme of spatial diagnosis of large-scale land plots. These include:

  1. the Study of soil samples on the grid.
  2. data Evaluation of yield monitors.
  3. Studying aerial and satellite images.
  4. analysis of the electrical conductivity of the soil.
  5. Installation of sensors on agricultural machinery.

Professional combination of agriculture and modern methods will allow to double the productivity and to save on fertilizers.

precision farming and agriculture: challenges and opportunities

Comprehensive implementation of a system such as precision farming and agriculture allows to solve the following tasks:

  • the ability to obtain a soil map and the yield map, in comparison of whom the decision on introduction of a certain quantity of fertilizing;
  • automating the implementation of teaparty (used special equipment);
  • monitoring the activities carried out by different techniques;
  • implementation of the analysis of the obtained information for further tracking of changes in the state of the field;
  • timely tracking of changes in different areas of the field with the aim of rapid implementation of technological operations (fertilization, etc.).

When used correctly, a precision farming and agriculture will help to increase the efficiency of labor, increase yields, reduce the application of nitrogen and nitrate fertilizers and to reduce the cost of cultivation of various crops.

the company "Guild Engineering" is ready to undertake complex work in your field: create real contours, producing the zoning field to differentiate seeding rate and application of dressings, to analyze soil and make recommendations for planning the maximum possible yield. And drawing up detailed maps and three-dimensional analysis of the field, will allow to accurately determine the cause of the decline in the harvest in some areas.

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