the Company " Guild Engineering" provides a service - surveying 1:500. It includes a range of activities, aimed at obtaining data about the target area to create further topographic maps and charts. During these works shooting subject to geographic and geometric elements. located on the site. During the implementation of platycodi our surveyors use innovative surveying equipment, thanks to which it is obtained during the execution of the field work receive data with millimeter precision. The obtained results are transferred to the office Department, where the preparation of plans and schemes that can be presented both on paper and in electronic form. Topographic plans and schemes shall be in accordance with the legislative requirements of normative documents.

The importance of the topplan on a scale of 1: 500

The surveys carried out with the help of geodetic measurements allow us to display terrain with a high degree of accuracy on a topographic map.

With such maps compiled using topographic surveying on the ground, it is convenient to solve various technical tasks, to apply other cartographic materials on them.

The customer himself determines the list of required items for displaying on a map or plan, depending on the purpose.

The usefulness of topographic surveys can not be underestimated, because it is used everywhere: both for designing and for reconstruction, for landscape design.

With regard to price policy, it is tailored individually to each particular client and the amount of work that he needs to carry out, but in any case it will be reasonable and affordable for a wide segment of landowners.

Topographic survey m 1: 500 is the most popular and popular type of topography needed to start designing, building, rebuilding any construction, for landscaping, land surveying.

Topography is in demand at several stages of work related to construction and land management. Topographical survey m 1: 500 is an important part of the survey documentation.

A topographic survey on a land plot is necessary for:

  1. Electrification Project, Energy Planning Plan
  2. Designing a gas pipeline at the site, obtaining technical specifications and establishing a gasification project;
  3. To connect to the water supply and sewer system

Without topoplan m 1: 500 at large enterprises can not do with:

  1. Create a master plan
  2. To build large areas
  3. Folding the forest dendroplan (spit shooting).

What is the cost of topographic?

Cost is based on:

  • Area Square
  • Terrain complexity
  • availability of communications,
  • Do you need to coordinate the topplan in the architecture org.

At the cameral stage, topographic mapping takes the form of a topographic plan. Studied all the data obtained from direct research "on the spot", compares the obtained information with the data architecture of the database, which in turn contains information from all utilities about the location and number of pipes, cables, wires and the diameters and the materials from which they are made. of surveying, in terms of design, clearly regulated by the instruction for the shooting of scale 1:500, which contains a compilation of common  symbols clear to each surveyor and cartographer of the world. For each object provides its own conventional sign that is unique and created specifically for a particular drawing scale.

surveying, executed in special programs to align with architectural authorities of individual cities must also contain semantic information. Under the semantic information may include a more detailed description of the characteristics of communications and other map features to be rendered in the drawing because of the too high density of buildings or communications, but entered into the database. Access to this information opens when you click on e-primitive object.

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As a kind of geodetic works, surveying is one of the most costly in terms of time. Because it is often obtain reliable information on underground networks is hampered by private communication or by the presence of wells in the area of communications, which on tablets architectural office simply no. In this case, the topographic survey may include additional works, such as:

  • locating work;
  • study of the archives survey of underground communications;
  • coordination with utilities.

If you need to perform any excavation,  one hundred percent confident that your activity does not pass any high voltage cable or for example a pipe of the main gas pipeline, which is not on the tablets of the urban architectural Bureau, topographical survey with layout of this is exactly what you will do. Specialists of the company LLC “the Guild Engineering” will check the area, not only outside but you can tell under the earth look, for your safety.

Topographic map has a shelf life - 12 months. It must be the seal of the implementing entity.

the Company carries out surveys of different scales: major, minor, and for landscaping. Most of our specialists seek topographical 1:500.

scale topographic survey depends on its purpose. Shooting is carried out using a surveying instrument - total station. Most often during the geodetic survey based are early topographic maps compiled. In cases when there was the situation of the terrain more than 35% of the early compiled topographic plan is already irrelevant, so you must re-conduct a topographical survey. Also a renewal of topographic maps that:

  • were compiled based on the topographic survey when snow depth of 20 cm;
  • a period exceeding 12 months.

making the maps allowed some of the uncertainty of the shape of the terrain:

  • in the fields and forest areas - 0.7 mm;
  • outlines overhaul of buildings and structures - 0,4 mm

Our experts carry out this type of survey with accuracy to the millimeter. At work we use an innovative survey equipment, which allows to obtain the most accurate data. Accurate completion of the topographic maps we have special software.

This surveying is performed in several steps:

  • preparatory. At this stage the specification, gathers all necessary original documentation and is parsed. The study of geodesic shooting fundamentals;
  • implementation of geodetic works aimed at the transfer of the land on which it will be measured, coordinates and reference points;
  • field stage. involves performing measurements on the ground. Measured angles, elevation, topography and situation of the area. The measurement of all elements and objects that are located in the survey area;
  • cameral stage. It provides for the further works in the office, directed to the preparation of topographic maps, plans and diagrams, as well as all necessary documentation. Schemes are based on the data obtained during the measurements. Such maps and charts contain information about surface and underground communications, facilities, elements and about the situation of the area;
  • the final step is to transfer the customer topographical materials. They can be decorated either on paper or electronically.

the Cost of topographic survey depends on many factors:

  • the location of the site;
  • area of the shooting;
  • area of future development;
  • the number of required tablets
  • the need for matching networks.

the Company " Guild Engineering" gathered a staff of the best surveyors in our country who have all the necessary certificates and permits for the field surveys. Any surveying work, which are taken by our experts, are performed efficiently and on time. Thanks to his extensive experience, knowledge and skills during the implementation of field work they receive data with millimeter precision. Our office staff prepare and execute all documentation in accordance with all standards and requirements. We shall perform a topographic survey of any size, and also you will be able to order any surveying service.

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