Topographic and geodetic survey

Survey survey is a very important study needed to obtain a building permit for any structure. The survey is also important during the development of design documents and design plans of the particular locality. Such a finding is accurate and the maximum detail that reflects not only the terrain, but all the height, distance, objects on the land is explored corners and komuntale system. All of this is in full accordance with the scale.

What is topographic survey?

The purpose of this research is the development and preparation of accurate topographic maps or plan of a specific land plot. Such a plan, depending on customer requirements, can be made in a traditional graphical version and in digital form. Topographic survey is performed at different scales, depending on the project and goals. This study can be performed at scales from 1:200 to 1:1000 000. However, the most popular are topographic maps in the following scales:

  • 1:5000;
  • 1:2000;
  • 1:1000;
  • 1:500.

And nipotine in the practice of land management the scale 1:10 000, 1:25 000, and less often -1:50 000.

The types of survey shooting

In the company "Guild Engineering" are highly qualified and professionally perform various types of geophysical research. If you need a survey survey on the land, book your desired study from us. The engineers and surveyors are always available the most modern equipment necessary for carrying out specialized work.

To date, survey survey is mandatory for construction of various structures, performed at different stages of construction of the objects. Also, such a study on land held as at the laying of the Foundation, and upon delivery of the building exploitation.

When it is necessary to conduct topographic survey?

Experienced developers know the importance of surveying in which the customer receives a correctly compiled topographical plan relevant to land development. Topographic survey is necessary in the following cases:

  1. The privatization of land.
  2. The development of landscape design.
  3. During the inventory work.
  4. The preparation of project documentation.
  5. Obtaining cadastral number.
  6. The renting of land.
  7. For connection of utility lines.

Surveying is a complex of studies, including the execution of special measurements, based on the results of which are topoplan. These surveys are performed in several stages. In the beginning of gathering and the analysis of archival documents, and then executed the field works (including geodesy and topography survey using a special instrument, total station). It is the instrument helps to get complete data about the features of relief on a particular area. At the final stage of these studies, the topographic plan, after which he agreed with the relevant authorities. Only after the documents sealed, topographic survey shall be deemed approved.

If you wish to conduct on the land of a certain complex of geodetic works, please call us at these on the site. We will definitely answer all your questions and perform research at a high professional level.

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