Topographic survey for gasification

Geodetic works, topographic survey for gasification

Topographic survey to produce accurate plan of the land is one of the most popular complexes of surveying. It is produced by horizontal and vertical measurements using special equipment. There are different types of surveying is classified based on the methods of performing surveys, equipment used, destination. The choice of a particular type of shooting due to the required detail, acceptable measurement uncertainty, urgency of the order and other factors. Surveying is carried out prior to construction, reconstruction and improvement of various facilities. Also requires advance preparation and coordination of geodetic materials for summing houses additional communications (alignments of water supply, sewers, electrical power lines, communication cables, etc.). In particular, before the laying of gas pipelines it is necessary to order a survey for the gasification of buildings and structures.

Preliminary documentation and surveying works for the purpose of designing a customized pipeline (survey for gasification)

the gasification of the houses can not be achieved without the development and approval of the project. In order to project the organization could proceed to establish it, it will require from the customer the following:

  1. Agreed with the bodies of gas facilities topographic site plan of the location of underground utilities.
  2. Technical specifications (TS) for connection to the existing pipeline.
  3. If gas networks are far from full house and need to pave them a pipeline through neighbouring land plots, their owners will need a notarized consent to such work. And they can also propose certain technical or other terms (price surveying for gasification in this case, to increase as the need to perform surveys along the entire route of the new pipeline).
  4. Technical and legal documents on full house.

Materials topographic surveys for gasification is normally at a scale of 1:500. The plan should include, in addition to the site, subject to gasification, the contours of the next already gasified buildings and the pipeline to which you plan to connect. Subsequent coordination of the plan with the gas is a specification of technical characteristics of existing and planned gas pipelines (materials, diameters, working pressure). The approval procedure is paid, which affects the total cost of surveying for gasification of the house. The duration of approval also can vary substantially, sometimes reaching several weeks. The high urgency of the work, therefore, may lead to an increased price of the topographical survey for gasification compared to conventional.

Technical conditions for the connection of homes shall be issued only after the final approval of the plan. THAT indicates the point of connection of individual pipeline to a common network, technical requirements must conform to the gas appliances at home, measures aimed at ensuring the safety of operations.

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