Topographic mapping at a scale of 1 500

Topographic mapping at a scale of 1:500 is most common among all surveys. Topographical survey of scale 1:500 will need:

  • before design and construction on sites where a dense network of underground utilities;
  • to compile General plans;
  • for construction of multistoried buildings and industrial plants.
  • for the production of the land plot cadastral registration;
  • before you buy, sell, or section of the site;
  • before building a new house on the plot.
Topographic survey of scale 1:500

Without topographic survey of scale 1:500 not do, if your organization is going to conduct a new line, or improve or build a new system of underground communications. To order topographic surveying and other geodetic works in our company company "Guild Engineering". You should only order the service and we will call you back immediately and arrange for the price and time desired.

Properly conducted topographic survey of scale 1:500 consists of the following activities:

  1. documentation preliminary surveying, including topographic survey at a scale of 1:500 on this site, in geodetic organizations, which are located near.
  2. Field work, which includes georeferencing and topographical surveys with total stations. In this period, examined all the objects that fall within the field of view: elements of topography (hilltop, ravines), buildings, land, utilities, exits of underground utilities and the total station, all objects are tied to geodetic points that exist on or near the site.
  3. laboratory work: processing of data that were extracted in the process of conducting a total station works, drawings of topographical plan.

Topographic survey of scale 1:500 price depends on many factors:

  • location of shooting
  • density plot
  • the availability of utilities at the site;
  • plot area
  • the remoteness of the area from where there is a geodetic organization;
  • in the urgency of carrying out topographic works.

in addition, a topographic survey of scale 1:500 price depends on the cross section of the river or deep ravine, what is the density of underground utilities at the site. And the price of a topographic survey depends on whether there has been previously on this site topographic survey of any scale. If topographic survey was previously performed, then all measurements will need to carry out, some need only to compare.

When topographic survey of the site in scale 1:500 price agreed, we should not forget about the end result of topographic survey is a topographic plan. On the topographical plan are applied to buildings, rivers, forests, gardens, roads, underground and ground communications using symbols. The relief paint in the form of lines called contour lines. The horizontal is the line constructed from the same heights. The horizontal topographic survey 1:500 are applied, but not all, so as not to load topographic plan, and after 0.5 m. Also recorded on the topographic plan and characteristic points: the top of the mountains, the lowest point of the terrain and the points of a geodetic grid that fall on the plot.

On the topographical plan, not all items are the same. They are divided into solid and non-solid. So, solid symbols – all items with clear contours, for example, at home. And woods, fields are unsteady symbols.

Topographic survey of the site at a scale of 1:500 final price depends on which version You order a topographic plan, if only on paper, it will be cheaper, but if the customer wishes and in electronic form, it is a little more expensive.

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