Survey approval

Topographic mapping agreementA topographic survey is required for different purposes. It may be necessary to connect the facility to the grid or for holding gas. Topographic map required to obtain permits for design and construction. It may be prepared on paper or electronically. It depends on what format it is required by the customer.

Проведення топографічної зйомки потрібна для різних цілей. Вона може знадобитися для підключення об'єкта до електричних мереж або для проведення газу. Топографічний план необхідний для отримання дозволу на проектування та проведення будівництва. Він може бути складений на папері або в електронному вигляді. Це залежить від того, в якому форматі він необхідний замовнику.

survey is a comprehensive study of objects in space, to make a topographic plan.Negotiation-the process of presenting the results of shooting the chain of command, such services as gas supply, electrical, water, communication etc. This need to be shooting occurs to cadastral passport, division of land, collecting documentation for the improvement and construction. Topographic survey collects about them the following information: their size, shape, elevation changes, natural landscape and other, necessary for the design data. The procedure is performed with a vertical and horizontal dimension in the Baltic system of heights.

the Shooting is performed in 3 stages.

  1. Preparation. The customer is the development and provision of project, analyzed the previous survey and obtained her permission. Here it is important that the interaction between the contractor and the customer. From the completeness of the requirements specification depends on the qualitative results.
  2. Field. The site looks, and selected geodetic control points, performs the necessary measurements: underground utilities, elevation changes, buildings, distance, facilities, etc.
  3. office. The analysis and processing of previously received data. On the basis of the results obtained and prepared a topographic plan. On the basis of the conducted research is going package of technical documentation, he transferred to the Customer. Package included copies of thatcheap and surveys, and topographic plan in digital format or on paper. Shelf life topographic - 2 to 5 years, depending on the objectives of the mission.

Legal aspects The scope for reconciling the results of surveying is quite wide. This is due to the large number of normative legal acts on regulation, organization and carrying out of such works. Very close to attention to obtaining permission, because shooting is performed without a permit may not pass the agreement, respectively, to use them for their intended purpose will be impossible. There are cases when a permit is not necessary (for example, when shooting is performed in the personal interests of the Customer), but this time it is best to clarify.

Approval - this is the final procedure. What it is? Surveyors after laboratory and field work go to all the utilities area and verify the accuracy and correctness of the application to the plan of all communications. Each service signing on approvals with her, securing the signature stamp. After that, prepare a single thatched, which is certified in the town planning Committee and the Department of architecture. Now the survey is officially completed and use it possible. When the survey is carried out in the personal use of the Customer, for example, for the accomplishment of its own territory or to improve landscape design, then approval is not necessary.

Cost of geodesic and topographical works cheaper coordination. Yes and takes much less time than the actual agreement. It sometimes is delayed from a few weeks to several months. Price per standard plot ranges from 2000 to 6000 UAH.

The cost of conducting topographic survey depends on various factors, including plot size, building area, number of their tablets, the need for matching networks. It is very important that a topographic survey was conducted by qualified professionals, because the accuracy of the data depends on the quality of topolina. Applying to our company you will receive a perfectly done surveying work, and the cost will surprise you.

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