Topographic mapping at a scale of 1:2000

Accuracy and clarity is very important in all matters of geodesy. Because engineering does not tolerate approximations and definitions "by eye". And in order to achieve maximum accuracy is required, a combination of various factors that affect the final result. One such important factors, without which no cost, no geodesic procedure is scale. Even when performing those processes that do not involve shooting, will require the development of graphic documents. And they, naturally, will be performed at a certain scale. After all, to place the territory even on the largest paper size is not possible in a 1:1 ratio. With this purpose and for a particular scale. The selection of the ratio depends on a number of factors - purpose graphical document, the area and other.

Among the numerous large and small scale stands out ratio of 1:2000.  why do you need such a scale, if for most objects use the standard five hundredth (1:500)? And assignments 1:2000 lot:

  • first of all, this scale required for the study areas, the size of which are small villages or towns;
  • the design of individual areas are also not without plans and drawings of this scale. Particularly relevant they are for industrial areas and transport routes, when there is development of General plans of such objects;
  • the Executive documentation objects such as mining requires plan scale 1:2000. Such objects include mines, quarries;
  • places quarrying of metallic and nonmetallic character without such research;
  • photography and graphic documents in the scale of 1:2000 is an integral part of the General plans of different hydrological objects, as well as sea and river ports, shipyards;
  • such industrial facilities as thermal, hydro, various dams, dams and other similar structures shall be designed  only when the presence of such plan;
  • transport railway line or road and their design involves surveying and plan to the scale of 1:2000;
  • development-graphic documents for pipelines without such works. In addition to pipelines, they are needed in the construction of dams, reservoirs, and irrigation canals and whole systems covering large areas;
  • such large and complex work plans shelf seas, rivers and other water bodies  assume scale 1:2000. In this case, such plans help to determine whether deposits or other deposits, the deposits of which are located at the bottom of reservoirs.

As you can see, all objects using topographic mapping at a scale of 1:2000 is quite large and, accordingly, areas, structures and grounds. Most often they are industrial purpose. So the scale of 1:2000 is no less important in geodesy, than demand 1:500.

Being such an important service, shooting in this scale of development plans-mountains should only be performed by specialists with appropriate training. Moreover, when working on industrial sites require special permits and permissions. Employees Guild Engineering, working in the field of geodetic surveys, have all the necessary licences and certificates for such works. All our equipment is also licensed and regulated for safety. Therefore, we can guarantee not only the quality of plan 1:2000, but also the safety of the whole process.

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