Topographic survey of the land

Topographic survey of the land

the Construction of buildings and structures always begins with a study of the land on which you plan their erection. The study area represents the performance of the whole complex of geological and geodetic works. Geological research includes the study of soil, its characteristics, bearing capacity, etc. Geodetic work aimed at the study area, collecting a maximum of information about the area, what objects there are, the study of all existing communication lines and much more. A special role in the study of the land plot for construction is played by the implementation of works under the name topographic survey of the land plot. It represents the performance of the whole complex of works, which resulted in a topographic plan, and various drawings of the land. Topographic survey of the land allows you to get maximum information about the topography and terrain of the area under study.

The quality of construction is directly connected with the knowledge of all the terrain features, and it can be traced only to a document such as the topographic plan. Also this documentation you'll need in the preparation of documents for the land plot, as well as for carrying out certain operations on the object that is being built. For example, the development of the master plan, when making legal documentation, and also at carrying out of works for installation of communication networks and lines, in the Commission of redevelopment or reconstruction.

Topographic survey

Regardless of its purpose, conduct  topographic survey of the land plot is carried out in three stages. The first is preparatory, second field, third - cameral. Each stage is very important. The preparatory collected source materials and their analysis. This stage involves obtaining permission to carry out works, the registration in the relevant institutions. When all the documentation is ready and has all the necessary permits to carry out works, comes the turn of the field phase. Is the implementation works directly on the land, which will be the construction process. First, establish the geodetic equipment, and then there is the shooting itself. Plays a big role at this stage the equipment itself. Specialists of the company " Guild Engineering" used during the service topographical survey of the land plot is an innovative surveying equipment to receive data during measurements with millimeter precision. When all necessary data is received comes the turn of the Desk phase. It takes place in the office and based on the compilation and preparation of reports, drawings, maps, plans, diagrams and other materials. Charts and maps can be executed in different scales. On the scale of impact the purpose of its preparation. There are large, small and for landscaping the scales but most commonly used is 1 to 500. It is the most relevant. Cameral stage may take a few days. depending on the amount of work.

Topographic survey of the land - this the execution of works the result of which is a topographic plan that has a shelf life - 12 months. It can be performed both in graphical and in electronic format, depending on what is required by the customer. The quality of the topographic plan depends entirely on the professionalism and competence of surveyors.

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