Topographic diagram

Any procedure associated with the land, not without such surveying services surveying. Construction, reconstruction or remodeling of buildings, improvement of land - it's not all processes that will require a topographic survey of the site. It is necessary, first, to develop the right project future construction or landscaping. As a result of surveying compiled topographic plan and scheme, which transmits all  obtained during the field phase information.

Topographic scheme

If you refer to the definition of topographic scheme, we can say that this graphic document, which details passed all parts of the terrain at a certain scale. This popular document used in various fields. Therefore, for each direction in them focuses on specific features of the territory. In engineering geodesy data that must be present in the topographic diagram, are features of the terrain, the location of surface and underground facilities and, if necessary, poderino location of green space.

the scale of the document may be different. The standard ratio is 1:500. But depending on the purpose can be both larger and smaller scale. For example, if the required circuit area for the development of landscape design, it is best to escalate the scale to 1:200. Other common ratios for diagrams can be 1:1000, 1:2000. There are a number of scales, but they are most often applied not to explore the construction site before designing, and for other purposes, for example, the drafting of the universal or specialized maps of certain areas.

the Schema is already after you make a topographic plan. To make these two documents must accurately measure all distances, angles and points. For these measurements surveyors use of special devices. If the desired surface planning scheme, it is possible to do and theodolite. This scheme will not contain information about the terrain. But in most cases still is full survey using electronic total station. As a result, you get a full topographic plan and the scheme of the plot.

Among the owners of the land are of the opinion that having properly and efficiently prepared by specialists of the topographic plan, design can be saved. They try according to plan to make a scheme of your site yourself. However, such savings may be not economical. Not having knowledge regarding the designation of certain parameters on the graphical document, you may misinterpret these parameters. And this will lead to the fact that you will be inaccurate scheme and incorrect position of some objects on the site.

Next negative consequences of ignoring the help of experts in the preparation of the plan will go some one the wrong location can lead to negative situations, sometimes even dangerous emergency nature. It all depends on how inaccurate the schema and exactly where the error is. Appeal to the specialists Guild Engineering is a complete solution of geodetic issues on your land. Our experts will conduct a thorough topographical survey to obtain information and to develop topoplan, and for designing the site. And thanks to this integrated approach, you will have access to full technical documentation for further action.

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