Topographic survey of the seabed

Topographic survey of the reservoir bottom of the river with the coastal area of the lake with a depth marks geodetic measurement of thickness of silt

The manufacturing equipment becomes increasingly usovershenstvovany. What seemed impossible before, is now a reality. And surveying instruments is no exception. With the help of modern technological equipment, which is used in work of surveyors, you can see the invisible. The company "Guild Engineering" offers to your attention a service - topographic survey of the bottom of rivers with measured depths. Qualification of our specialists allows to perform these operations efficiently and quickly, resulting in topographic paper the bottom of the studied reservoir with reference coordinates. Topographic survey of the reservoir bottom of the river with the coastal area of the lake with a depth marks geodetic survey thickness, had been

Topographic map of the bottom is designed to:

  • conducting dredging the bottom of the reservoir;
  • evaluation of performance of works on reservoirs. Especially this card plays a very important role during the cleaning of the lake, pond or some other body of water;
  • jobs aimed at changing the configuration of the bottom of the reservoir.

very often, a topographic map is used by fishermen during the search for the location of fishing spots.

This type of depth surveys and survey work is needed to:

  • Preparation of technical passports on the lake;
  • and Survey work for the design of the cleaning of the reservoir;
  • Immediately before the start of dredging and cleaning works;
  • After you finish cleaning the bottom of a lake, river, canal;
  • For the calculation of volumes of works on dredging sludge;
  • You want to buy a boat, you need to check whether it will to the Marina;
  • Define a deep place for successful fishing;
  • Create the beach near the villas;
  • giving the presentation of the site;
  • Annual technical cleaning of tanks in industrial enterprises.

the complex of works on creation of the map of the bottom of the reservoir, lakes, rivers with depth surveys includes:

  • the venue Determination of geodetic works on the map with the route of access roads and ways of departures from the field;
  • the reconnaissance of terrain with the definition of the boundaries of shooting on location (for the project of works on dredging is also an important aspect is the determination of the place of storage of sludge, we need the following data: distance to the bath warehousing, difference of heights from the water to the surface of the tank, capacity baths);
  • Geodetic measurements electronic tachometer coastal areas for detailed drawing of topoplan m 1:500;
  • Swim on a boat with echosounder that their depth measurement accurate measurement of depths of the lake river writes to memory on a USB flash drive, also to every mark of depth attached coordinates of latitude and longitude, which in terms gives the chance to map the point of having three coordinates(x,y,h), only the mark will be a minus;
  • the combination of the two shooting - data from the echo sounder and the total station on one card;
  • Drawings in the legend of the total full picture called topographic survey of the bottom of the lake with fibrinoliticaskie with depth marks the isobaths - submarine contour lines
  • The customer is at hand receives the card in the desired size and in electronic form for designers (pdf, jpg, bmp, tif, etc formats)

When calculating the amount of work plays an important role accurate rapper. Usually when cleaning reservoirs of the most significant role is played by the thickness of the spilled sediment. That is, if two shootings rapper will not be identical to 4 centimeters (good accuracy GPS)on 5 000 m2 lake error in calculation will be 200 m3 that money is up to 6 000 UAH.

Based on this, such a survey is sometimes more convenient to present in the conventional system of heights. Then for zero take a water mark on the number of measurement. While on the ground remain accurate rapper near the water edge to control even primitive measuring devices such as roulette.

From the map of the bottom of the river you can see the depth, mark the bottom of the river. Elevation changes, deep and shallow location, square beds of reeds, width of forvator, channel width, square sailing places.

also, our experts can set the thickness of silt and to calculate the volume of a mule is subject to confiscation under cleaning the lake.

Topographic survey of the seabed


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