Topographic map

Topographic map is the image of the earth's surface, reduced in size. It is a generic geographical map. It is portrayed in detail the terrain. On this card you can read the information about vegetation in the area, its topography, geodesy, hydrography, composition of soil, economy and culture, information about roads, boundaries, communications and more. Its completeness and accuracy allow you to solve various technical problems. Such a map allows you to determine the height and the planned position of the point. With their help, the terrain can assess and study, you can navigate, to determine the height and the coordinates of the points, to obtain the necessary qualitative and quantitative information about different objects. Also they can be used to carry out the necessary construction calculations, to perform projects of various objects. In addition - this is a great guide: in the presence of such a topographic map, you can easily move along the planned route. Its detail, accuracy and completeness depend on the scale. The company Guild Engineering is responsible for performing work on surveying, geodetic support of construction and other similar work.

Scale topographic maps

Topographic map

Topographic maps can be of different scales, depending on the target destination. The scale allows you to see how the length of the line on the ground more than lines drawn on a map. The scale can be divided into three groups: for landscaping, large and small. Most often used for topographic maps scale 1 to 500, most often referred to as "'ll think".

Symbols and their design

On topographic maps the items in the survey area, as well as all the necessary information about it is displayed using conventional symbols. It is a whole system of digital and graphic letter symbols. With their help, the map displays the characteristics and number of items, their fact quantity, location, and more. Conventional signs can be depicted the same objects on maps of scale 1 : 25000 to 1 : 200,000. Symbols are divided into several types: has no scale, large scale and explanatory.


Topographic map 2

Topographic maps may need for different purposes. Most often they are carried out to obtain permits for the design and construction process on the land. Also, this map plays an important role for connecting to the electrical and gas networks. In this case, the topographic plan is the basis for the work of copying, which is a miniature copy of a certain part of the map. Also topographic maps are produced for:

  • construction of multi-storey buildings;
  • industrial companies;
  • conduct the vertical plan of the underground networks;
  • construction of engineering structures;
  • exploration
  • forcing of water bodies.

Topographic maps are also widely used in aviation, military purposes. On these cards the area is examined and given her assessment, payment problems are solved, defined distances, angles and total area of different heights, the visibility of points on the ground, their steepness and rays. As you can see, a topographic map is very important, so they should be appropriately qualified specialists, with the maximum precision to display all of the elements, distances, angles and terrain.


Kompania "Guild Engineering" gathered a staff of the best surveyors from all over Ukraine. All of our specialists are qualified and have the appropriate certificates and permits for the survey. We have collected the best surveyors, geologists and surveyors, who in a short time will hold all topographic work, the result of which will be of high quality topographic map meets all standards and requirements. Their professionalism and competence confirmed by the relevant Certificates and numerous customer reviews. Their experience allows to solve problems of geodetic tasks of any complexity.

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