Topographic work

Topographic works is that part of the geological survey, which will always be relevant to any territory and terrain. Topographical works require such procedures as topographic survey. And its results can be composed of a variety of graphic documents, depending on the goals pursued by the customer.

Topographic works

Topographic survey, as a rule, can be performed at different scales. This can be the scale 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000 and smaller. 1:500 is the most popular size, which developed a large part of the topographic documents. And there are many, given that such work is, without exaggeration, is the most popular and frequently ordered among all survey procedures.

Why is it so popular surveying? The thing is that their results are applied in various fields. And all because the information they carry the documents topographic character is so versatile and full that it is entirely or parts of it may be useful in various fields. However, often demand such work during the operations of the land - in the construction, reconstruction or redevelopment, at the design stage. Especially such actual knowledge, when it comes to densely built-up areas where it is important to correctly place the new object among others. In addition, an element such as a communication network, probably, is everywhere. And so as not to damage them in the course of construction or any other work, you need to know their correct location. This is only the main part of what is necessary topographic works.

the Main document, based on the results of the survey is a topographic plan. On it are put absolutely all of the elements that are present in the survey area. It designs and structures, communication lines, surface and underground locations, access roads, green spaces, objects hydrological purposes. Mandatory data are information about the topography, size and coordinates. Topographic plan may not include information such as the location of the communication lines. If this information in graphical document is still available, the plan bears the name of the topography. This is not just applied the place of the passage of certain communications, but also recorded their specifications.

Modern work of surveyors who conduct topographic works, impossible without modern professional equipment. It provides efficiency and, most importantly, quality. Gone are the manual methods of measuring distances with the help of threads, peg, roulettes. Even with optical instruments has outlived its. They were replaced by electronic total stations, satellite navigation system. All this equipment is lightweight, portable, automated. And for data processing used computer software specially designed or adapted for the needs of engineers and surveyors.

Topographic works must be conducted with utmost care and responsibility. In fact their results is a guarantee of the correct starting and running of all construction, reconstruction or other process. Moreover, the documents developed as a result of such work, pass the approval process in the state bodies. Therefore, this case cannot trust anyone. Turning to our experts, you provide yourself a really good attitude to work and quality result from our side.

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