Topographic plan of land plot

The Result geodetic survey at the site is a series of documents and technical reports and cartographic materials. One of the most important documents is topographic plan of land plot. It is made once held the key procedure is the pre-project stage - topographic survey. Without it topoplan cannot be made. And without topoplan cannot begin design work on the site. This applies to all processes with the construction, reconstruction or redevelopment, improvement of farm territory, landscape design.

Topographic plan of the land

In the course surveying experts in the field of engineering geodesy are different procedures for measuring, for example, distances, elevations, angles and other elements. In order to cover a large extent of territory and fully explore, can be used aerial photography and remote sensing. As you can see from the names, these cases are aircraft with special equipment.

Characteristic of any topographic and any topographic plan is the scale. This procedure is performed at different scales. It all depends on the object and purpose of surveying. However, the most common is the scale of 1:500 or peticote" as it is called surveyors themselves. For development projects, construction, reconstruction, redevelopment uses it. At this scale are drawn and communication lines. This size is generally accepted as the surveyors, and in the institutions and bodies involved in approving the project. In the case of landscape design scale can grow in size up to 1:100, 1:200.

Topographic map is a set of contour lines, relief marks and designations other objects and items on site. If we are talking about the plans for landscape design, it is also the application of vegetation that exists on the site.

To come by topographic plan professionals, you should complete a series of sequential processes. First of all, you need to decide on the technical task at the basis of those materials that have been received from the customer. At this stage surveyors familiar with the plot, all its features.

You can proceed to the Next stage of fieldwork. Before we start the surveys, you must create a geodesic laying a Foundation that will support for the shooting. In the main procedure using an electronic total station and navigation receivers, which will allow to determine the coordinates of the territory.

The Next stage brings the birth of topographic plan. It is a Desk job or work on the processing of the collected field data. It also cannot do without computer equipment and special graphics programs. It is in them and developed topoplan. Depending on the location of the site and its purpose in many cases will require the approval of survey plan in the relevant bodies.

The cost topographic plan is considered in each case individually. It all depends on such factors as the dimensions of the study area, the presence and number of objects on it, relief and other natural features, as well as the time frame in which customer needs are ready topographic plan.

No matter How complex and large your land, the company is the Engineering Guild will hold its topographic survey and will prepare for you the exact plan in the shortest possible time.

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