Topography and geodesy

Topography and geodesy is the main activity of our company "Guild of Engineering". We will perform surveying work of any complexity and efficiently, providing the result of well-designed documentation with complete information and accurate data about the target area.

the Topography and geodesy

Geodesy is a branch of production associated with different measurements on the ground. Thanks geodesy projects are carried into the nature with the project documents as accurately as possible, monitored geometrical parameters of the structures are calculated the volume of the earthworks, and the slightest error in miscalculations can lead to disastrous situations. Therefore it is very important that surveyors offering their services treated with full responsibility for their work and fit correctly to each their task. Such are our employees, who possess special skills and knowledge required to perform geodetic works.

Geodesy has a number of areas, one of which is topographic and geodetic works. They provide an opportunity to get maximum information about the situation of the area and its terrain, and also serve as the basis for the survey, design and inspection of construction site. surveying are a whole range of activities that are aimed at obtaining full and accurate information about the surface of the land, structures and utilities that are located on it. Topography is one of the areas of these works, which involved the measurement of the geometric properties of objects on the surface.

Surveying include a topographic survey of the area, marking works, poderina survey, topographical survey for landscape design, take-out project in nature, clarifying the boundaries of the land, engineering surveys for construction. Our company carries out surveying with the use of modern technology, which allows to obtain accurate data.

Topographic survey is a set of activities aimed at the measurement of distances, elevations, angles, using a variety of surveying instruments for topographic mapping, on the basis of the obtained results. Topographical survey is particularly relevant when it is necessary to obtain permission for construction of buildings and structures and putting them into operation, and also when you need to create the project. Equally important is the role it plays for the construction of communications and the preparation of a master plan of the territory.

Surveying come in a variety of scales: landscape, large - and small-scale. The most popular is the large-scale 1/500, which is popularly called "'ll think". It is intended for:

  • plan of underground networks
  • land
  • anchor buildings to the construction sites in built up areas of the city;
  • design of Railways and roads.

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