Topographic-geodetic works in Dnepropetrovsk

Topographic-geodetic works in Dnepropetrovsk company the whole complex

The Company "GUILD ENGINEERING" expresses You the respect and are ready to offer the whole complex of topographic and geodetic works for Your project, namely

  • Topographic-geodetic survey M 1:500 with the preparation plan of the area in any coordinate system (SK, USC, local, contingent);
  • determination of the elevations at the site, the system of heights - Baltic;
  • Drawings of solid contours through 0.5 m;
  • Applying all above-ground and underground communications;
  • Update of topographic materials in local architecture;
  • Coordination with all concerned authorities;
  • Search on site underground invisible networks, pipes, cables;
  • an Engineering approach to all clients, recommendations for privatization, construction, putting into operation of the object;
  • To save time, as Your, and our, we use only modern expensive equipment;
  • Geodetic works for our employees, is not only a job, but a hobby;
  • We do the work at any time of year and day, which significantly increases the pace of work;
  • Our printing have legal force, because we operate on the basis of permits.

I Want to talk a little bit about the importance of topographic and geodetic works.

Example of topographic documentation

Under those not familiar to ordinary people's words lies a whole complex of engineering works, which consists of the adoption of the task, making the cost, detailing the big tasks into smaller, manageable for individual geodesist. Deep analysis of the work place, conditions(in terms of geodetic control points with known coordinates that depends on the necessary equipment is more expensive, there is enough and more affordable for these Geology). Planning the exit on the measurements. Sometimes in planning the meeting was also attended more than 2 people(including employment of our CUSTOMERS, and to their dock requires a significant investment of time. Sometimes even ready to give the results of topographic-geodesic works was not one week time.
Themselves, the measurement is about 5-10% lifetime order. On the paperwork takes about 20% of the total lifetime of topographic and geodetic order. That is 70% of time spent on the organization of work.
To date, successful geodetic companies are those that pay much attention to planning the schedule of visits. For example, to save the customer UAH 200 you can collect 2-3 order in their area and 1 trip to make 3 shooting different people on different sites.
As the company specializiruetsya to order throughout Ukraine, transportation costs can be reduced by half when leaving for 2 objects in the same city.

Some features of topographic and geodetic works in Odessa.

Abreisende with the cost and expenses and cost of works.

(A) the Expenditure consists of services of outside organizations (architecture for using tablets(if you have a standard manor to 20 acres, with one cadastral number, then we pay for 1 tablet, 331 UAH, if the object of industrial, pay tablets, on which enters the site. The tablet is conditional squares 250 250 meters in area. One even a small stall at 1-one can get to the intersection of 4 tablets. In such a case pay will need H=1324 UAH. If you do, the Executive survey, you still need to oplachivat 185 UAH. for a tracing-paper), TNT for the use Puntikov, if the satellites are not using pay for points of reference geodetic network. Depreciation of motor vehicles, gasoline, amortization of topographic and geodetic equipment(GPS, total station, tripod, the pushpin, roulette ), office expenses(paper, pens, Ouija boards,markers, korektori), office rent, mobile, Internet, laptop, printer, furniture).
B) the Cost of work (wages the topographer-surveyor and topographer-the draughtsman). If the test works come for 1-2 hours, then plotted estate 5-6 hours. A great deal of time without frame design, adjustment of the old plans. Then drawn topographical survey are first scan in the bodies of architecture. (Before the actual measurement need to go to the architecture, to apply, to take invoices, alutit them in the Bank, to provide receipts to the accounting Department GlavAPU, and only after that we will provide relevant information on your site). Then a week later withdrawn by checking topoplan fixed minor remarks city architects, if necessary, go to the site again (it happens on the sly, architects don't put printing until we nacitam path, much more of the plot, or kakih important aspects, for example to the nearest intersection or ravine, or coastline). Carry on second check, come in a couple of days for print PRIDANO. If topographical survey of return on the third checkout Prov surveying company shall be drawn complaints and imposed sanctions that keeps in shape all geodetic company.
The average price starts from 1500 hryvnas.

2. The designated deadlines.

Himself measuring and tracing take 1-2 days, including weekends. Order tablets and wearing the architecture is 2 weeks. Total in 3-year-weeks you get a stamp Suitable.

3. Defined terms and payment

This is Usually the drafting of a formal contract, 50% advance at all costs.
Remind that topografichesky shooting on legislation considered valid within a year, even if the plot nothing changed. And if earlier survey in Dnepropetrovsk, we did, You can expect to save up to 30%. And we will never take update printing is not our surveys without departure and patronage measurement of the entire site, so take full responsibility for the drawn out surveys.

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