Topographic and geodetic plan

Topographic and geodetic plan is one of the most important documents necessary for successful construction of the new facility. In addition, this plan is a required package of documents required for submission to relevant organizations. Having the topographic and geodetic plan of the individual area not only can You obtain a permit for the construction of any engineering structure, but also to connect the existing building to the mains gas, water and heat supply. Consider in more detail what topographic and geodetic plan and what it is.

Topographic and geodetic plan

Surveying plan is a graphic picture of the situation within an individual parcel. This document is necessary for successful work of designers, architects, builders, etc. to Obtain topographic and geodetic plan is possible only after carrying out topographic and geodetic survey, which is performed by professional surveyors. Topographic survey is a type of geodetic works performed for the purpose of determining the spatial coordinates and altitude of different objects and areas within which they are located. These surveys must be performed by qualified specialists, such as employees of the company company "Guild Engineering".

It Should be noted that our experts specialize in various topographic and geodetic works, as well as performing engineering and geological studies. All these works were executed qualitatively and in time, we use modern equipment and latest developments. In addition, there are many different research methods that help to obtain the most accurate data. Topographic survey is a very important process, that is why, our specialists perform several checks of the results. For small areas again are surveys, and compared the results. From these data, it is determined how efficiently carried out all the research.

Surveying location plan can be made in small, medium and large scale. In General, the scale of each map is determined by the ultimate goal, that is, experts first determine for what purposes the required map, and then choose the required zoom level. Most often for the construction of individual engineering objects need large-scale topographic and geodetic plan 1:2000, 1:1000, 1:500. On this plan You'll be able to see all the engineering and natural objects and the nature of the terrain. Maps made on this scale are the most detailed and accurate and can be used for accurate calculations. Topographic and geodetic layout 1:500 gives an insight into the existing conditions and to plan further work within the selected area.

Topographic surveying plan 1:2000 and other large-scale plans drawn up by results of geodetic shooting. It represent the terrain and its characteristic changes with the help of contour lines. All objects are shown using different symbols. The legend depending on the type of objects that they represent, are divided into several groups: large scale (objects shown on a scale map and can determine their actual size), scale out (indicated only the location of the object), linear (roads, red lines, railway track, etc.), special (used for specialized maps), etc.

If You need topographic and geodetic layout 1:500 or topographic and geodetic layout 1:2000, You need to contact our company and order the execution of all necessary topographic and geodesic works.

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