Topographic survey plan 1 2000

The topographic plan is the image on plowing projection of the plot area, not considering the curvature of the Earth, printed in a large scale. Usually perform a topographic plan in the scale of 1:500 to 1:5000. Surveying the plan is the result of topographic surveys (ground or aerial). The scale of the survey plan depends on the purpose (provision of construction, project development, exploration, etc.).

Topographic survey plan 1 2000

What is topographic survey plan 1:2000?

Topographic survey plan 1:2000 is required to use in various industries and perform many tasks:

  1. For the development of General plans of settlements (cities, villages and settlements).
  2. Detailed planning of the area.
  3. The preparation of marking drawings.
  4. Project development of construction working drawings.
  5. Preparation of Executive plans for the mining industry.
  6. Maintain the inventory for the villages.
  7. Preparation of technical projects for industrial enterprises.
  8. Determine the supply of minerals.

Topographic plans have a division by content:

  1. The main (General plan multi-purpose that can be used for many industries).
  2. Special (created specifically for a particular industry, can contain additional information or be of high accuracy).

It contains topographic survey plan 1:2000?

Topographic survey plan 1:2000 shows the situation and the terrain. Let us consider what information will be included the following plans:

  • Buildings (residential and non-residential) and structures.
  • The engineering network (underground and surface).
  • Boundaries and fencing.
  • Gargrave.
  • The topography of the area.
  • The points of the geodetic network.

All the objects on the topographic plan are indicated by conventional signs, which correspond to a certain scale and are understandable to any expert (surveyor, Builder, land surveyor).

The basis for the survey is the points of DGM (State geodetic network), AND,II III AND V of class i And II categories (in plan) and the benchmarks of a levelling network of i,II And III i And V class i, II digits (height).

What methods can be used to create a topographic survey plan of 1:2000?

Surveying the plan you can perform the following methods:

  1. Aerotopographic shooting:
    • stereotomography;
    • combined.
  2. Ground surveys:
    • mensula;
    • phototheodolite;
    • technometrica.

Method of performing shooting is selected depending on the economic feasibility of the areas for which you want to create the topographic plan 1:2000. Note that aerotopographic shooting is expensive and is only used for the areas of large area. Mensula and phototheodolite nowadays almost not used. The most popular is tacheometric shooting, as there are now a large selection of modern electronic tacheometers, which will ensure you are shooting with a given accuracy. Topographic surveying is carried out according to the instructions for surveys. Topographic survey plan 1:2000 is generated in the projection of Gauss-krüger in the state coordinate system. The system of heights – Baltic.

Ordering topographic survey plan 1:2000 the specialists of LLC "Guild Engineering" you are guaranteed to get high-quality cartographic materials to meet the specified precision, which is regulated by regulations and Regulatory Legal acts. The execution speed will depend on the area. Survey plan can be provided in both paper and digital media in accordance with sophisticated technology.

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