Topographic plan of scale 1:2000

Geodesy is an irreplaceable assistant in each of new construction and design, because without accurate and complete soil analysis on site to start a new build impossible and too risky. Topographic plan in 1:2000 scale applies in the case when the building are planning to Commission or conduct their own mains. Experts surveying needs to scan and explore the surrounding areas, to perform security strip new the transmission network, and provide the customer a detailed description of the work done and the final tests check.

Topographic plan of scale 1:2000

How to compile a topographic plan of scale 1:2000

As a rule, verification of site surveyors is carried out in several stages. In this case, the preparation of the topographic plan of this scale requires three mandatory stages.

1 stage: studying the archive materials of the area and preliminary measurements.

Specialists of geodesy needs to study all the documents on the land or building. Also at this stage a contract between the customer and the company to perform geodetic survey, discussed the survey costs.

Stage 2: Conducting a topographic analysis, measurements of objects on the territory

Professionals with surveying carried out a full scan of the area where the building is located and the planned connection to the network. At this stage of the measured angles and dimensions of all elements on the site, the distance between objects. For the most accurate data, the surveyors should measure the area of the terrain, using one of three methods: analytical, graphical and mechanical. Today the topographic plan 1:2000 scale folds often mechanically kombinovany. The use of modern technology and powerful devices enables to obtain the most accurate results and to minimize the risk of unforeseen circumstances.

Stage 3: data processing, topographical plan

After measuring site and preliminary calculations, the surveyor will proceed to the Desk work. This means that the area in which is located or has Buda is a building, fully scanned, checked for the presence of underground cables and gas lines, connections and pits. The obtained data is processed and analyzed.

In General, the verification process of the land can last from 2 to 4 days, depending on the size of the territory, check. It is also important to note that there are as a standard build, and plans, and custom. In the second case, field measurements and preliminary calculations may require more time and additional equipment. Depending on the complexity of the topographic surveying planning and analysis professionals must pre-negotiate with customer and sign a contract that covers all specifics of the plot and gives the customer a full guarantee of the quality of measurements and inspections.

In the future, created by the specialists of geodesy of the Executive plan will be an indispensable element during the design and planning of the build.

Topographic plan in 1:2000 scale, making the results all the above is essential if you are planning the construction or carrying out of the new line energised. Plans of this scale also serve as assistants during the laying of underground cables, pipelines and water pipelines. Full test of soil, determination of points under tension or irregularities that are invisible to the naked eye, become a guarantee of quality and long-lasting planning and building safe.

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