Topographic survey 1:200, topographic survey at 1:200

Topographic survey is considered to be one of the most important geodetic services. It can rightfully be called universal. Because with its help, you can explore all the features of the land for any purpose. The main thing is to choose the right scale.

Topographic survey 1:200 is one of the largest. Together with such a still larger scale of 1:50 and 1:100 it is used in order to investigate the plot in the most minor details. This is necessary when it comes to landscaping and landscape design. Typically, such a large survey carried out at the stage when the construction process has been completed, if it has occurred. In addition to landscape design, topographic survey of this size there is another field of application is the production. In this large scale research has been conducted on industrial objects.

Topographic survey 1:200, large-scale topographic survey at 1 200

Why the need For such a large scale? To capture every detail of the plot and thoroughly carry out the measurements of the territory to be improved. Every detail, every contour are reflected due to this scaling. Therefore, not only surveying will be finished in 1:200 scale, but it also applies to topographic plan according to the results of field work.

Before treatment professionals should be familiar with the place where they have to work, to assess their professional opinion all the features. And then you can determine the point of capture and hold the field process. After capturing, you can proceed to the processing of data, preparation of survey plan and write a report with detailed results.

Hallmark surveys for the landscaping is such constituent as poderina shooting. With it fixed every tree that grows in this area, specify the location and even such parameter as the diameter of the trunk. This must be done in order to know how and where to place certain elements of gardening and landscape design.  in Addition to trees, the subject becomes each component of land - plants, small architectural objects. In detail we need to document the relief changes in territory and communication lines. This will allow you to place the correct emphasis on technical aspects of the project.

By topographic mapping at a scale of 1:200 and compiled on the basis of accurate topoplan, you can develop high-quality, accurate and creative project of beautification of your garden site or industrial facility.

To date, the task of the surveyor becomes much easier. With the help of modern devices can be removed on a large scale, even a fairly large areas. Electronic total stations and satellite navigation systems in skilled and skilled hands of the specialists Guild Engineering masterfully conduct surveys of any complexity.

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