Topographical map 1:25000

Topographical Survey 1:25 000: why do I need to order?

After you have selected land for construction of any structure or the linear object, it is important to order a professional survey. This service is extremely important, no matter what construction project is going to implement a developer. When all special studies will be conducted, the customer will receive a so-called topographic plan is a graphic document for the further studies, the establishment and coordination of the project with regulatory bodies. On topographic maps, usually portrayed objects, the land, plants, trees, different buildings and utilities (including underground).

Survey 1:25000

Information obtained in the surveying can be done in different formats: electronically and on paper.


How to implement the survey?

Such an important procedure as the survey scale of 1: 25,000, should be performed only professional, experienced in the field of land management and mapping specialists who have appropriate qualifications and authorization to conduct specialized studies. The main objective of this surveying, is to obtain a map plan of the area required for the construction of any structures and buildings. It is an important study by measuring distances on land, the heights of points, and turning points.

Depending on the task, produce several types of shoot:

  • ground;
  • aerial surveys;
  • space.

Implemented this study in the first place, even at the preliminary stage of construction, to obtain geopedia. After this surveying is carried out several times at different stages of construction: from getting permission to start construction works until the moment when the building will be commissioned. To obtain high precision data, surveyors use special tools.

Types of topographic

Course, professional engineers, surveyors surveying there are several classifications:

  1. scale.
  2. content.
  3. Assignment.
  4. Other features.

Most of the topographic map klassificeret scale: (1: 500-1: 5000 ), small (1: 10 000-1: 25 000) and the smallest (1: 500 000, 1: 1 000 000).

Depending on the various tasks set by the customer in the individual technical specification, topoplan created a map of different scale. Scale value depends on the degree of reduction shown on the plan of the area: the larger the object, the smaller will be the scale of the map. Traditionally, the scale is chosen so that the resulting document was quite easy to use.

Why the need For a topographic map small scale?

In modern geodesy, the most common are the scales 1:500, but when it comes to the practice of land surveying, mapping topoplan land uses often draw in the scales 1:10 000 and 1:25 000, and sometimes even 1:50 000.

Professional topographic survey 1:25 000 and 1:10 000 is usually required:

  1. For detailed study and provide assessment of the area.
  2. accommodation.
  3. calculations when planning engineering buildings.
  4. Carrying out various works of economic importance.
  5. Conducting works of research character.

Topographic survey in scale 1:25 000 can be done to justify land use planning, predesign and design documentation in the design of privatization semnale and construction of new facilities. To order this kind geovisual is also required for the extension of the already constructed structures, the reconstruction or liquidation.

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