3d topographical mapping

Gone are the days when it was enough to build a survey plan on paper. Now the customer wants to have the material in digital form. Becomes more and more popular 3d topographical mapping.

Topographical mapping 3d

You Can make a topographic survey using a total station or terrestrial satellite equipment, then migrate the data from these field measurements into a computer program, for and build three-dimensional terrain model. But in some cases these data are insufficient. Then used the topographical survey of plot of 3d - laser scanning. When it comes to creating three-dimensional terrain models, for example, for a future ski slope or under in three dimensions changing the track racing - it's easier to do with the scanner. Using the ordinary tools of geodesy, even with high density of points may be insufficient data for design. the Survey plot 3d is also preferred, when required to provide increased accuracy of the elevations, for example, in devices of the irrigation system at the Golf course. When challenging terrain is also 3d topographical mapping.

3D scanner analyzes a physical object and on the basis of this information it creates a three-dimensional model. Remote laser scanner sends a laser pulse, and then measures and records the time of its passage to the object and back. With the help of two mirrors, the scanner calculates horizontal and vertical angles of the beam, giving accurate X, Y, Z coordinates of the object. Topographical mapping in 3d at very high speeds. It is ground and air. The imaging technology of the laser is fairly new and came into use by surveyors around 3-4 years ago. The measurement error is 1 to 10 mm. From the field the day comes billions of points, that cloud weighs GB. Measuring steps is adjustable from 1 to 20 mm. In the scanner usually has a digital camera. One of the main advantages of the scanner is to eliminate human error.

Topographical mapping in 3d - quick and efficient way to survey roads and built-up areas for large plans. For laser scanning requires an appropriate scanner and a set of GNSS equipment plus software. Install the scanner on a tripod and getting the coordinates of the station, then start scanning. While the scan is performed, using GNSS equipment shooting point inaccessible to the scanner. Panorama with necessary detail lasts for about 5 minutes. Topographical survey 3d is very fast. The scan results can be viewed on the control panel screen of the device. As the back point to bind scanner data is used milestone with two stamps, the coordinates of which are also removed with the help of GNSS equipment. Scan of both brands takes about a minute. Scan result brands can immediately monitor on the control panel screen. When finished scanning, move on to the next point. While standing at each station 7-8 minutes.

During the lab work is the adjustment and georeference the data. This process after loading the required data automatically.

Topographical Survey of plot 3d allows you to get as a result of the survey plan, and three-dimensional model of the territory in the form of a point cloud.

The Company LLC ", GeoTop Engineering” is in step with the times. One of the advantages of service is the topographical mapping in 3d. Availability of necessary equipment and specialists who have mastered a new technology - a guarantee that ordering in our company the topographical map 3d, You will get excellent results.

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