Topographical Survey of the facility to passport bindings

Passport bindings has to do with small architectural forms. That is to legitimize and necessary to issue this document.

А survey of object card binding

As a rule, small architectural forms associated shopping facilities. However, this Association is too narrow. Hardscape or temporary structures, as they are called, can have a different purpose and are used everywhere. According to the definition, this buildings of lightweight construction that does not require Foundation. However, if you install the same vending kiosk or public transport – this does not mean that they do not require georeferencing. So as a temporary structure was installed on all the standards required by its registration. And without a passport binding register is not possible.

Passport binding is the same technical passport. Only technical certificate is issued for large structures. This document should include the following information:

  • binding plan prospective design;
  • engineering and technical documentation graphics and text.

Surveying work is an integral part of the certification process. Because although temporary structure and small size, and does not require extensive construction work, but is a property located in a particular area. Therefore, one must examine how the surroundings and the object relative to the area.

Necessarily need to anchor the structure to the state coordinate system. The exact location of temporary structures should be marked on a special map.

The Process of obtaining passports binding is a multistep process requiring the collection of documents, filing and performing other procedures. However, it all begins with surveying. In particular, with the topographical survey. The establishment of a geodetic basis and conducting surveying and object – major works, through which you can obtain all the necessary information regarding the specific arrangement of small architectural forms.

Surveying passport bindings is performed at the scale of 1:500. Stages of work for certification are similar to other objects. First surveyors examine the technical documentation relating to the application site where the planned location of a small architectural form. The next is to surveying in the field and elaboration of technical reports, graphic materials offsite.

The Result is layout of temporary facilities. Is this scheme for topographic and geodetic basis, as is done in the traditional scale of 1:500. In addition, the graphics of the document should also be materials which transmit the location of the object. In the place of the territory where the customer wants to place a temporary structure, you need to put the contours of this design appropriate to the scale dimensions. The third graphical document – scheme of landscaping temporary facilities. The conditions of its development are the same – topographic-geodetic basis and scale-"'ll think". This scheme involves the application of information that is relevant to the accomplishment of the object – landscaping, maintenance optional accessories (bins, benches).

All surveying work will take the company "Guild Engineering" and will provide you with a full package of technical documentation for passport snaps.

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