Topographical map in scale 1:500

Geodetic works in its Arsenal have a wide variety of procedures. However, it is topographic mapping at a scale of 1:500 - this is the most common service that is in demand among customers. The thing is that the accuracy and the completeness of the information that can be obtained with this type of work, gives the possibility to evaluate the features of the area which was investigated.

Topographical map in scale 1:500

Topographic map is the most complete graphic document. Depending on customer needs, as well as from the target destination of the investigated area, the number of displayed items may vary significantly. However, there are a number of characteristics and facilities that must be applied to the plan of this magnitude. First, it is the terrain. He passed on all topographic plans, regardless of destination. If on-site is some water resources, and they are mandatory. Quantities such as the coordinates of the site and its dimensions must also be installed priority. Among the objects and elements in the scale of 1:500 put the following: real estate residential and non-residential construction commercial and industrial purposes, as well as infrastructure elements (e.g., bridges, roads, etc.). Another optional block are ground and underground communication systems - transmission lines and communications, pipelines, water, gas and heat supply, collectors.

The Carrying out surveying work in this scale is carried out in a specific sequence. First is the preparatory phase, the it staff must be familiar with the territory and documentary data about it. The field phase involves various measurements of the area to identify its specific individual characteristics. Cameral stage is a stage of data processing. The end result will be the development of topoplan scale 1:500.

The purposes For which required such a detailed procedure? Assignments topographical works in the scale of 1:500 several. For any geodesic surveys required prior survey, which provides full information about the site. Also it is a necessary document when designing any objects - buildings, roads, bridges, hydraulic structures. Using shooting at a scale of 1:500 designed General construction plans and develop drawings of buildings.

To Spend survey, scale 1:500 is impossible without the availability of high quality professional equipment. Because this procedure must be performed efficiently, and completely. The location and dimensions of each of the elements has to be one to one. This can be achieved only with digital electronic devices. Inaccuracies in calculations and in fixing the location of certain elements can lead to further errors in the design phase and the development of other materials.

Getting poor quality, incorrect results topographic mapping at a scale of 1:500 you may get distorted and all further information geodesic character. Therefore distorted the entire construction  process. Therefore, to perform this important key procedure have experienced. Surveyors company Guild Engineering will quickly cope with this task in the most professional manner. Extensive experience and knowledge gives the possibility to work with any scale and complexity of territories in different localities.

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