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Issues of interest to all customers:
1."What will I get when ordering from you survey my property?"
2."How much are your services on the survey?"
1. You get a topographic plan of scale 1:500 with a wet print 'Tatarstan urban architecture authority' 'Suitable to the project decision-making' with a fresh date, which is valid for 1 year.
And also, a file with a drawing in electronic form on a flash drive or email, which would suit any designer, architect, printer.
The proof of its correctness will serve as our licenses and certificates, as well as tolerances to such types of work. The quality is guaranteed by certificates of calibration of our equipment and extensive experience in this field. "the Engineering Guild" takes measurements with registration of approximately 180 objects per month, is also working with 20 large construction, engineering, agricultural organizations, whose number is growing every month.
2. the Minimum price starts from 900 UAH, what price survey from us, you can calculate roughly online, according to the parameters of your land, send the request for calculation of cost, and you can also request a call back, or call us at any convenient for you to mobile operators and landline numbers.
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Survey plot is a plot of land on a horizontal plane with the reduced objects that it contains.

Survey allows you to create digital model study area and to assess the conditions of the planned construction. The accuracy of the work performed depends largely on the duration of operation of the future facility, the cost of construction, as well as the safety of residence.


Toaplan you can use:

  • pre-project research;
  • in the design;
  • In the privatization (served on the session mountains. or mudflow. of the Board to resolve on acquisition of land)
  • in the preparation or renewal of the lease;
  • When splitting a plot into several ones.
  • To the commissioning of new buildings and communications;
  • To the current test excavation and construction works.

To start work could use a passport of the BTI for the correct names of the buildings according to their purpose (residential, non-residential), project networks and facilities or Executive surveys of communications and underground constructions.

Speed and quality of the project depends on the skills of surveyors and topographers. Only an experienced survey engineer can Orient yourself and accurately reflect all the technical elements needed in further studies. Gager transmit all the data from the sketches, Executive circuits, memory devices, in the laboratory Department. From the surveyor-Gager field depends on the stage at the beauty and completeness of the map affects the engineer-draftsman-cartographer. His task is relatively conventional signs and the correct mapping to display all the data in one compact and conventional form. Also in the electronic version of the drawing contains all semantic data such as pipe material, diameters, depths of wells, types of fencing, characteristics of raw materials in the pipes (e.g., gas low or high pressure, drinking water and technical).

Need for surveying plot occurs when the design of the land and to conduct land operations. It is the basis for the design and documentation for defining and restoring the area of land to connect the facility to electric grids and pipelines, to resolve disputes with neighbours, to obtain permits for design and construction and more. Topographic survey is carried out for landscaping. In this case, it is performed on a large scale. It allows you to get the most accurate information about the land, its topography, all hosted on its elements, properties, underground and surface communications, and more.

Survey communications includes:

Obtaining and analysis of previous surveys;

    • Search utilities on the site;
    • Survey of all existing utilities;
    • Laboratory work (preparation of reports, design drawings, plans and diagrams);
    • Approval of survey plans and diagrams with operating organizations.

The cost of surveying depends on these factors:

    • how urgently you need to hold a shot;
    • plot size;
    • approximate building sites;
    • place of conducting the topographic survey, scale 1:500.

survey it is also possible to put red lines and boundaries of land use.

Often the survey of the land order engineering Geology of the site, removal of boundaries on the terrain, a detailed site plan, the building project, Foundation settlement, technical report for land use, installation of the fence, the breakdown of the axes for fit building.

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