Shooting the bottom of reservoirs and making plans with isobaths (depth soundings). Tracefinder work





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Shooting the bottom of reservoirs, rivers c plans with the isobaths (depth soundings).

Before performing any work on the water, you need to perform the bottom topography. In cases of strengthening or diatomaceous coastline it is necessary for the calculation of volumes of the performed works or the design of the work schedule.

Shooting the bottom of reservoirs and making plans with isobaths (depth soundings)

the Use of modern equipment allows us to quickly execute:

  • shooting bottom;
  • to map
  • to make design calculation of future works;
  • calculate the actual amount of work.

FISHFINDER + GPS. Using modern high-tech equipment have the opportunity to produce detailed the topography of the bottom of reservoirs. Our company was the first in the region produces such kinds of works.

Shooting the bottom of the reservoir is necessary not only for work associated with the consolidation of banks or deepening. Its data is widely used in commercial purposes, for example, when breeding fish and other things. With the help of modern devices and technologies to see what's beneath the water depth, is not difficult. By the way, for making such an official document like a passport of the reservoir, will also need a shot of the bottom.

The study of DNA is created a detailed map that is tied to geographic coordinates. The map scale can be different from the large 1:200 to such small as 1:10000. On the map you can clearly see the DNA structure, its type and all terrain features. Using information obtained in the survey, it is possible to accurately calculate and plan further action on a particular area of the reservoir.

The Shooting takes place directly with water, or rather, with boats, motor boats or other water vehicles. All the data obtained during the procedure are processed to obtain the above card. If we are talking about deepening, one shot is not enough. You must repeat the process after it is finished.

Shooting the bottom of the reservoir can be used for various purposes, namely:

  • for Bank stabilization. Strengthening the banks need to implement to protect the weak soil from erosion;
  • to design the technical passport for the reservoir. this document contains all necessary information about the water body;
  • to clean the pond of silt, algae and other contaminants. These works will improve the environmental conditions in the pond, lake, river
  • to carry out the calculations of the volume of work aimed at cleaning the pond of silt. These calculations will determine the method for cleaning of a pond or lake from silt as necessary labor and equipment for operational works;
  • to conduct the dredging. This type of work will improve the situation for the navigation on this pond;
  • for reserves estimation of the channel sand. By performing this calculation we can conclude further use for the preparation of land for construction of buildings and structures.

There Are times when shooting the bottom of the reservoir is carried out just out of curiosity. The data obtained during the survey compiled a map of the bottom of the reservoir, which allows the configuration of the bottom of the reservoir. Also, this map is an indispensable tool for professional fishermen. With it you can easily identify the place where most likely there is a large concentration of fish.

As you can see, this type of surveying has many reasons to exist, and to implement them have qualified surveyors, such as the specialists of the company " Guild Engineering". Their extensive experience and possession of special skills and abilities will allow for this type of work efficiently and quickly.

geological studies of the site
geophysical studies of the soil

Locating equipment of high and ultra-high sensitivity facilitate the exploration and survey of underground lines and communications, to determine the depth of the track, rebuke, injuries and defects of telecommunication cables pipelines. The results of the topographic survey provided to the customer on paper or in electronic form . You can choose the magnification, order specific measuring work or assign certain terrain legend.

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