Prospecting works

Search underground cables, pipes, water supply, Sewerage, gas pipeline, to clarify positions

The List of issues for cost estimates on search networks

  1. the location of the object.
  2. Tag on the map Google.
  3. Category development
  4. Have the original topographic materials (if surveying no, the area to be shooting) .
  5. the Name of the searched comunicatii.
  6. Orientirovana depth.
  7. the diameter of the pipes.
  8. the Length comunicatii.
  9. pipe Materials.
  10. Pictures of areas.
  11. search Conditions on the earth's surface (asphalt, Benin, plates, lawn, land)
  12. the Intersection with other networks (cables, pipelines)
  13. access to the pipe (wells, with an option to open and the connection of the sensor, if so, on what distance).
  14. the Desired time.
  15. the Presence of the person at the site, about the know how prisoners network.
Location work

While we have not yet come to a civilized approach in communications, our labor would be in demand.

With the growing density of city building. Along with it exponentially increases the complexity of the underground engineering networks. Everyone, even a small economic subject (garage, private house, a shop, a big house, the composition of the plant, entertainment center) has the minimal required set of networks:

  • Heating pipes, hot-water system, heating, heating, heating, heat supply, system BTP, ITP, and the transit center;
  • Fire fighting water low-pressure fire fighting water high-pressure water, fire extinguishing system B2;
  • Sewerage Vikulina, Samotechnaya with bunkers pumping, sewage collector system K1;
  • rainwater Sewerage, rainwater drainage, storm collector, the system K2;
  • sewage industrial wastewater system K3;
  • the drinking water supply, the pipeline, water, drinking water supply, system of B1;
  • technical water supply system B2;
  • Cable connection
  • Cable Internet access
  • high-Voltage cables underground transmission lines transmission lines of high voltage cable elbows, cable shields;
  • power lines low voltage underground cable, substation;
  • Communication trays underground;
  • the ventilation Systems and conditioning;
  • gas Pipelines of high-voltage gas pipeline of low voltage underground, naturally camera
  • outdoor lighting Systems, video surveillance, alarm systems
  • irrigation Systems, irrigation, drip system;
  • the refuse Chutes;
  • Pipelines;
  • And many more...

All of these networks are at the moment in the majority of cases are randomly concluded separately are objects that often intersect, even at three levels.

Even if and take a copy with Patitucci architecture, not the fact that network is applied correctly. Even if correctly on topoplan no information on the depth of occurrence.

Location work 2

When designing a network, you should understand that in every communication has its own rules of depth and distance from the nearest facilities(house, gas, road etc), but it is not always possible to carry out packing network standards, but on parisotto cannot show network is made not by design, so before excavation works recommend checking their condition and depth.

So, gradually moving on to the list of services with approximate prices:

  • to Come on the site for consultations on Ukraine - 1 000 UAH;
  • to Come on the site for advice on Dnipropetrovsk oblast - 500 UAH;
  • Find on the site of one cable under tension, a metal pipe underground - 3 000 UAH.;
  • Find one cable under tension or a metal pipe under the ground with topographical and put to it by a network of up to 30 sq.m - 3 000 UAH.;
  • Define the path of the storm drains or sewage, using the state-of-light - 3 000 UAH.;
  • Find one cable under tension or a metal pipe under the ground with topographical and put to it by a network of more than 30 acres - 5 000 UAH;
  • Topographic survey with the exact location of underground communications metal pipes using the locator - from 4 000 UAH;
  • Topographic survey with the exact location of underground communications metal and plastic pipes using GPR - from 12 000 UAH;
  • the Locator to rent - 700 UAH/day, caution Deposit of 20 000 UAH;
  • Georadar to rent - 8 000 UAH./day with our specialist;

We will find it, well, cable....

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