three-Dimensional models of entire cities using drones and drones

What you need to know about the implementation of three-dimensional models of entire cities with the help of drones?

If a few years ago for drafting a relevant topoplan and digital terrain models need needed the work of engineers and surveyors directly in the field, with the development of new technologies this is no longer necessary. Drones allow aerial photography in any weather, regardless of the complexity of the topography and inaccessibility of the site. The use of modern high-tech drones is the guarantee of obtaining accurate terrain data and meet deadlines.

three-Dimensional models of entire cities using drones and drones

If in recent years, drones were used mainly for solving problems of agriculture, and now, high demand service to create three-dimensional terrain models. Today, it is possible to create even three-dimensional models of entire cities using drones and drones that will be needed for spatial analysis in urban planning, large-scale mapping, project activities in construction (survey, planning), monitoring land use and solutions to environmental problems.

Features perform three-dimensional modeling of the company "Guild Engineering"

With years of experience, the company "Guild Engineering" offers services in creation of photorealistic three-dimensional models of the urban environment (geolocated). All work is carried out with the use of innovative unmanned aerial vehicles, and progressive algorithms for photogrammetric processing special computer software.

Aerial photography and laboratory stages of work in 3D modeling include:

  • issuance of permits for the implementation of Aeropostale;
  • preparation of horizontal and vertical justification;
  • the implementation of aerial photography using a drone;
  • implementation of the special examination of the received materials;
  • making a 3D model of the area;
  • composing orthophotoquad in the customer scale.

to three-dimensional models of entire cities using drones and drones was performed with maximum quality, you need the following background information: a detailed site plan, topographic map, the data obtained in the survey with a drone, space images high resolution. The final 3D plans can be made in several variants and differ in geometric detail, photorealistically models and metric accuracy. The deadlines depend on the volume of necessary measures.


the result of compiling three-dimensional plan of the city using a drone, the customer is provided with the following documents:

  1. Orthophthalate.
  2. 3D Textured terrain model (georeferenced).
  3. Digital surface model (showing all objects and vegetation).
  4. Dense point cloud.

the Cost of services for the implementation of three-dimensional terrain models are calculated individually for a specific project in full accordance with the individual technical specifications provided by the customer.

Where to order?

to place an order for the execution of detailed geoprivacy three-dimensional model of the city in the specialized company "Guild Engineering". To create such a unique information product, using the most modern surveying equipment and computer software (for processing). High precision materials and the efficiency of the guarantee.

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