Coastal pond

If your land has a small pond or through your territory is part of it, the actual question for you is the strengthening of the coast. Because the water can be quite aggressive towards the shore and slowly, but to destroy it. Thus, threatened and structures located on your site. Especially if the coast is steep - he can at any moment to collapse. That is why you need the protection.

To Carry out a similar procedure in several ways:

  • there are special nets that prevent the development of erosion. This is a very durable, yet flexible design. This way is the so-called reinforcement;
  • reinforcement can be achieved by applying the same grid, and rubble;
  • geogrid provides an opportunity not only to strengthen the Bank, but also to make comfortable descent. So the design looked more beautiful, can the gaps between the elements of the lattice to otdekorirovana small stones, granite crumb;
  • gabion beautifully adorn the landscape and prevent landslides;
  • the tree will look great on the background of nature. The main thing is to pick the right variety, for example, oak;
  • pile method. Piles can be made of concrete, metal or plastic;
  • vegetable strengthening by planting plants that will keep the coast roots.

But in order to choose the most suitable way to strengthen and to undertake the procedure efficiently and correctly, it is necessary to conduct a thorough study at the preparatory stage. This stage is called engineering training. You need to explore the territory in which it works, all the conditions and characteristics of the area. Special attention should be given to the coastal areas, which differ in the steepness of the slopes. To explore need not only the coastline, but the water part, in particular, to measure the water level. During the preparatory work can be undertaken and settlement procedures for determining the degree of slope coastal slope.

Coastal pond

But if you only plan on the site to create an artificial pond, then pay attention to strengthening shore at the stage of excavation, when pulled out of the pit.

Depending on the size of the reservoir and the area in which it is located, may apply various techniques. If the pond is large size, it is necessary to apply a large construction equipment, such as excavators. In that case, if the pond is small, decorative, which is part of your landscape on the territory, then you can do with hand tools.

In any case, regardless of the size of the reservoir, you will need the help of experts. Even if you decide to mount the shore of the design, preparatory engineering phase should be completed by a specialist in order to properly decide how to strengthen it. To help with such an important and responsible work, as strengthening the shore of the pond will be able company the Engineering Guild.

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