Aerial photography services in Ukraine. Fields of application and types of surveying


Application of aerial photography in Ukraine


Demand for aerial photography services in Ukraine is gradually but steadily increasing, and aerial photography materials are effectively used to solve such problems:

  • land management and cadastral documentation;
  • topographic survey of terrain
  • designing of capital construction
  • Exploration;
  • Monitoring of agricultural land
  • the construction of digital maps and the introduction of various geographic information systems into economic activity


The company "Guild Engineering", a network of representative offices which covers most of the territory of Ukraine, offers the implementation of aerial photography in virtually all its corners. Aerial photography, as a separate service or one of the methods of engineering and geodetic surveying, has become available to any client of the company, thanks to the use of small unmanned aerial vehicles that can be effectively used even for aerial photography of small plots of land and individual engineering structures. Design achievements in the development of remotely controlled aircraft, photographic equipment for them; Miniaturization of devices made aerial photography economical and inexpensive, and the results of aerial photography (orthophotomaps) have become more visible and qualitative nowadays than several years ago. Attraction for topographic survey surveys within large areas of unmanned aerial vehicles significantly reduces the cost of aerial photography.

Cost of aerial photography from 5500 UAH for 1 flight (approximately 20 Hectares)


Types of proposed aerial photography services


Depending on the customer's needs, the format of the service provided and the set of incoming aerial photography services may be different.    

  1. For small objects (single-family houses, homestead plots) there will be enough ordinary aerial photography. Such a service involves covering the entire surveyed territory with a single photograph or two photographs with significant overlapping of the frames.
  3. If you order shooting of linearly stretched objects (river beds, railways of railroads, highways, power lines, etc.), the services of ordinary aerial photography will not be sufficient here, and it will be necessary to organize route aerial photography. This method of aerial photography requires more thorough preparation and takes more time. The verified flight path of the UAV must accurately correspond to the bends of the object being shot, and the frame rate - to ensure overlapping of photographs by 60% of the area.
  5. The service of continuous aerial photography is necessary for surveys or photomonitoring over a large area (several square kilometers and more). Continuous aerial photography is carried out along the planned lines of parallel routes, arranged so that not a single piece of the surveyed territory is left unreached by at least two photographs.

Preparing Final Surveys


Naturally, the service for aerial photography does not include only photography. To take high-quality photographic material is only half the case. All images must undergo analysis and correction (orthorectification). The fact is that the unevenness of the relief of the terrain and the insignificant inevitable deviations of the optical axis of the camera from the vertical cause some distortion. If aerial photography is done for the purpose of geodetic measurements, then orthocorrection analysis is always carried out, even if the original photographs are of exceptional quality. Only after this, aerial photos get the status of orthophotos - photographic images of the territory, not inferior in accuracy to the topographic plan, built by the traditional method of ground-based instrumental survey.


Often, the technical assignment for rendering aerial photography services is not limited to drawing up a site plan, but requires digitization of the obtained geodetic materials (now many aerial photography customers are striving to acquire electronic plans and maps). In this case, the specialists of Guild Engineering LLC in the field of electronic technologies transfer the orthophotomaplane into one of the formats of popular geoinformation systems (software for working with geodetic data bases) that provide the construction:

  • two-dimensional digital plans, where the absolute height of the relief forms is not displayed or shown with isolines (for land planning purposes, such plans are quite enough);
  • three-dimensional (3-D) models, three-dimensional display of the situation - this is the most visible of the possible options for obtaining final information on the results of aerial photography.

Why is it convenient to order an aerial photo from LLC Guild Engineering?


The number of companies that bought drones and offers aerial photography services is increasing. Therefore, potential customers of aerial photography sometimes find it difficult to navigate when placing an order. Our clients, many of whom have already become permanent, have made their choice, guided by the confidence in the great experience and skills of Guild Engineering employees. Not every one of our partners has a clear idea at the time of the conclusion of the contract about what kind of aerial photography is required in his case, and when drafting a technical assignment, experienced surveyors analyze the problem and help determine the optimal approach to solving it, ensuring acceptable deadlines and minimum cost of aerial photography:

  1. Someone will have enough of the simplest and fastest aerial photography, which involves only drawing up a contour plan and determining the area of ​​the site.
  3. Someone will need a stereophotogrammetric survey (the method of obtaining relief images of land to be taken). This method will require special equipment and observance of special rules during aerial photography.
  5. Sometimes the order features require the addition of aerial photography with some ground measurements (combined aerial photography).

For any of the options for aerial photography, we have the appropriate equipment and a competent team of specialists.


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