The establishment (restoration) of the boundaries of land in kind (on site)

Procedure the establishment of land boundaries in nature on the location and boundaries of land is done by professional surveyors in cases where their own wants to spend some procedures with the site - to sell, to lease or to begin building etc. Also when people have inherited, rented or bought a new plot, too, need this procedure. Mandatory it will be and for that person, which is a plaintiff or defendant in a court case in respect of such territory, and if the previous documents with such information were lost.

Setting  the boundaries of land plots in kind

Setting (restore) the boundaries of land plots in kind (on site) is performed on the basis of already existing geodetic development, as well as cartographic and technical documentation concerning this site and turning points on it. Can be useful and General plan of the city or town.

setting boundaries they are fixed special land-marks, which should be on every turning point except where the so-called natural boundary in the form of ponds, shelterbelts, certain buildings, etc. the Cairn has a stable view, enshrined in official documents. When installing such signs must be drawn from the act that the boundaries of the area were made in the nature and boundary markings are installed.

restore the boundaries of the land in the nature of the terrain or clarification of boundaries may be needed if the previous mark or act on their takeaway was lost. In addition, this procedure may order the owner to be sure that the existing boundaries coincide with those stipulated in the technical documentation section.

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in 2010, the State Committee on land resources has developed and approved the statement, which regulates the rules establish boundaries. Yes, such a service existed, and such marks are applied to 2010, but then it could be normal stakes stuck in the ground in the right places. And now these characters have personal views and securely fixed to the plot.

In General, the process establish or restore the boundaries of the site is a comprehensive and consistent. First go preparatory work, including the aforementioned study preliminary information about the plot. The next stage includes practical geodesy, the actual topographical survey of the site and establishment of honey characters. Everything ends with preparation of technical documents, as well as act.

today, the country has approved three types of boundaries. The first type is a metal (iron or steel) mark with a circle, where there is a place for notes. Mark contains information about the number of characters, as well as the actual inscription is the Cairn.

the Second type has a concrete Foundation and metal mark, which like the previous one, has a place for a label. Such a sign could be put in the soil and asphalt. And the third type is the easiest sign with PVC base and the same mark to mark. It is solely the soil landmark.
The number of boundaries that are put on the stamps are purely personal and may not be duplicated on the same area regardless of the region of the country.

No sign shall not interfere with the movement of people or vehicles. This rule may cause, in order not to stamp a certain point. In addition, the sign shall not be imposed if on adjacent parcels in this place there is a mark, or if the boundary is a natural object.

When carrying out works on the site, this should be known not only by the owner or the customer, but also neighbors with adjacent lands.

high quality, prompt and all the rules of conduct procedure identify and restore the boundaries of the land in Natura the company's specialists " Guild Engineering. Having all the necessary work permit, they will precisely define the boundaries and will install all the necessary marks.

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