Clarification of the boundaries and area of the land plot

If You have bought a plot, You can not do without the surveyor, who will perform specification of the borders of the land plot and its square, will check all documents, give the go-ahead for the installation of a fence, or new construction. In this regard, we are glad to offer you the action: clarification of the boundaries of the land at the price of UAH 1000.

The Specification of the boundaries of the land and square

Many people wonder how to define the boundaries of the land? In this article we will look closer at how to Refine the location of the land boundary. And also consider clarifying the plot. Clarification of the plot is due to compliance in the cadastral information in the description of the location of boundaries of the site.

As a rule, on the site, which was recently purchased, purchase only anticipated or planned, is this to mean not complicated, but very important geodetic procedure - removal of boundaries in nature. When the boundaries are determined, they are referred to special boundary-marks. This procedure is required if the removal of boundaries in this area has never been done or had been done, but the details themselves and boundary markings are not preserved. However, in the case when the boundaries of the land have already been defined previously, but you want them re runs specification of the borders of the land plot. Perhaps you recently conducted a removal of boundaries, boundary but the signs have not been installed, perform the refinement, in order to properly arrange the characters in order to be able to put the protective structures in the right place.

This work is also the competence of engineers and surveyors. Obtained during the field work, on-site data are subjected to further processing in order to extract maximum information about boundaries. Procedure boundaries should also be areas when making land management and in particular cadastral documents on which mistakes were made. For example, omissions or incorrect information has been identified or questioned in surveying plan, when the boundaries were defined previously.

Results autocycling must be issued in the form of report-conclusions. Moreover, we built boundary plan. specified boundaries and the plot allows the copyright holder of this land to increase its territory - it all depends on location and the destination site. That is, you can integrate your site with adjacent or more adjacent plots. The same principle is carried out and the procedure of separation.

Right specified boundaries you can easily perform all possible operations with your area to sell, lease, bequeath, give, exchange.

Aand Your neighbor's land and their boundaries often become the subject of litigation. And then the official report on the work carried out to clarify is one of the most important evidence for one side or another. Because utochnennaya documentation is important in many environmental issues, to carry out this procedure should only qualified and diligent professionals, such as employees of the Engineering Guild. As the initial removal of demarcation procedure refinement takes place in stages. First, the surveyor met with the owner, the parcel information about it. Then working on the site, in particular the shooting object, defining borders using geodetic instrumentation. Completing the processing of information and the development of a survey plan with the calculation of the area and checking compliance with the state act.

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