Vertical profiling field using drones and drones

Branch of human activity, which is important in a recurrent accurate plans and maps, actively pursuing unmanned aerial vehicles. Experts also predict a huge prospects for the use of this equipment in the agricultural sector. Because the creation of high precision electronic maps of cultivated land (in the visual spectral range), opens up great opportunities to the farmers. Farmers can:

  • to control the germination of crops;
  • mapping and protection of plants;
  • to identify problems at harvest;
  • to plan productivity;
  • to calculate vegetation indices;
  • to carry out high-precision measurement of cultivated land (given the topography);
  • identify defective work (nedosevov);
  • definition of the real volume of activities;
  • timely point to make fertilizer, not littering the ground with excessive nutrients and chemicals.

Vertical profiling field using drones and unmanned aerial vehicles

Also, the innovative technique allows you to perform a vertical profiling field using drones and drones crafts ridges. It is the "air" monitoring state changes in the quality of land, permits to give an accurate assessment decisions and implement, when necessary, cutting ridges. Because aerial photography from a height of 1 km allows to map the surface topography of the field with maximum accuracy. Therefore, the use of such element of precision farming, as the drone provides an excellent opportunity to detect problems before they become clearly visible.

The advantages and disadvantages of drones

Unmanned aerial equipment is becoming more popular and in demand: low-cost flights and high efficiency has earned the attention of modern farmers. Only a few hour flight of this drone allow you to explore the vast territory of fields, which is important for large-scale agricultural enterprises. Drones have a lot of advantages: no expenditure on fuel and lubricants, environmental friendliness, quiet operation, high picture quality, economic feasibility and the receipt of relevant information.

But, we should not think that drones are a panacea. With no history of yield in previous years, satellite observations and extensive information base of the analysis of the soil, to achieve high productivity extremely difficult. Therefore, the presence of experts in the field is necessary (drones, too, someone has to manage). However, the proper application of BPL devices will provide the ability to intelligently decide the number of serious agronomic, including to carry out vertical profiling field with drones and drones of various modifications.

Drone technology from the company "Guild Engineering"

The Company "Guild Engineering" for several years working with unmanned equipment, using it to create high-precision maps and plans. We are confident that with the right approach, the quality of agricultural monitoring when using the drone becomes much higher, and its cost is lower. Thus, the monitoring of arable land, assessment of the cultures, identification of problem areas, inventory Agropoli, can be carried out even when the wind is strong enough, in cloudy and foggy weather when the alternative is no such aerial photography (satellite imagery depends on the weather conditions). As a result, all events are always executed in exactly the stated period.

According to the agreement with the customer, services can be periodically and comprehensively, or all at once. The value is adjusted depending on the type of services and programs.

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