Allocation of land in the nature of the terrain

The Allocation of land in kind on the ground: rights and responsibilities’duties of engineer-surveyor

In the process of implementing the allocation of land the big role belongs to engineers-surveyors. Engineer surveyor has the right to work, the person who submitted the application to the Qualification Commission, passed the qualifying exam and received a certificate. Engineer surveyor should have higher land management education. The competence of an engineer-surveyor checked during the exam. Members of the Qualification Commission asking questions to the engineer, setting the level of his knowledge. To test theoretical knowledge and practical skills. By a vote is determined by the exam. Engineer-land surveyor issued a qualification certificate, which certifies a high level of specialist knowledge and its ability to independently carry zemlevporyadnik work. Information on certified surveying engineers contained in the State registry.

The Allocation of land in the nature of the terrain

There is a training program, and every engineer of land liabilities’linked every four years to improve their skills. In case of default the engineer of this condition, his certificate shall be suspended. In the case of poor conducting land, rough violations of requirements of normative-technical documentation and legislation engineer of land may be deprived of the qualification certificate.

the firm , LLC " Guild Engineering” are responsible certified engineers-surveyors. The firm performs works on allocation of land in the nature of the terrain. Is carried out using surveying instruments establish on the ground the boundaries of land parcels, creation of technical documentation for establishment of borders and the removal of corner points in nature, is developed by the land management documentation.

The Allocation of land in the nature of the terrain in obtaining the land unit

Citizens who have documents on the land share and wish to obtain them owned a share in the property must submit an application to the appropriate village, settlement or city Council or district state administration. For the allocation of land to citizens who have expressed their desire to obtain ownership of the units, developed land management projects. The land is allocated to an individual or group of individuals for joint work on it or rent. The draft specifies where is located the land and define boundaries. The project should contain data on area of agricultural land that will be divided, the designation of this land and easements.

After producing documentation for land, the holding of the removal of boundaries and the production of technical documentation to the owner issued a state act on the ownership of land. For land owners who will use their own, the boundaries are fixed at the corner points of the boundary marks vstanovlenomu sample. If owners plan to use the land jointly secured a circumferential boundary of a single array. State land management expertise scans 20% of the documentation.

The Allocation of land in the nature of the terrain and its transfer in the property for free

Under the law, every citizen can obtain in property the land for free. The area of land that can be allocated to the beneficiary free of charge, is established by law in accordance with its location and intended use. The procedure for obtaining land in the property provides for the development of land management, removal of boundaries in nature and the production of technical documentation. All this can make employees of the company.

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