Copy of the topographic plan of scale 1:500 and 1:2000

Company provides a copy of the survey plan 1:500 and 1:2000, as well as situational plan of the site for electric, gas company, water utility, connect to electricity, the copy of topographic and geodetic plan to lease agreement

Выкопировка из топографо-геодезического плана, м 1:500 и м 1:2000

we Hasten to warn that surveying plans do not always contain current and complete information about your area, when ordering from us copies of the plan, in 70% of cases need to go to the site and make measurements and draw a new topographical plan.

Geodetic surveys on any site include a variety of activities of various kinds and nature. Uniting them all with one desire to study the characteristics and parameters of the study area for any particular purpose. Often among the list of provided services, many companies and organizations involved in the survey, you can find a service for making topographic plan. It is a display of a land plot, which is investigated by the map method in predetermined scale. Most often these scales are 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/10000. Topolini are of great importance for the design documentation for the preparatory phase of construction, for example, General plans, projects, various drawings of buildings and structures of any size and purpose. The main source of data for such plans is a survey of the area. Topoplan may be issued either on paper or in electronic form, and may not exist.

If we talk about differentiation, topolini are separated according to their content. The first group is basic plans. They are designed for General consumers and various industry activities. They can be called universal. They contain a lot of information, all marked quite clearly and in detail. The second group of specialized plans. They are often customized for a particular object, territory, industry.


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With this document, as surveying the plan is linked to another service provided by the surveyors - holding copying. It is displayed in a reduced form required land area. This term can be compared with the extract from any document. In other words, this document will contain information only on the area of interest, and in topographical terms, where it comes from, often presents a drawing of the entire site. The copy is put forward only a mandatory requirement that must be met. The copy should be a copy in miniature of a topographic plan. The most popular scale, it is 1 to 2000 and 1: 500. A copy can be produced with existing topographical plan of the area, and in some cases possible to be carried out separately.

the Most popular and relevant is a copy of the survey plan at a scale of 1:2000. This scale is the most suitable, so-called "gold of Seredina". It is convenient because it is small, so does not take up much space, but large enough to consider all symbols and elements. To perform the most accurate and fresh copy, our surveyors go to the location of the land plot for the purpose of personal conduct topographic surveying their equipment. During the shooting are recorded and immediately displays all surface and underground communication lines and all structures located on site.

This document, known as the copy, may require the owner of the property in the event of a design for the implementation of construction works, for the purpose of obtaining all permits summing of electricity to the building or structure, or to the various procedures in the preparation of permits to start the construction process. Why would you not need topoplan and copy from it, the company "Guild Engineering" always ready to take on this work.

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