Recovery and removal of the boundaries of the land

Conditions: free removal of the boundaries of land is only for works relating to the imposition of boundaries which will be held installation of fence installation from "the Guild of Engineering.

assistance removal of boundaries the most important when disputes arise between neighbours over areas of land. And here everyone pulls the blanket over himself. Each piece of land it seems that the neighbor had climbed to the territory, do not put your fence, collects the fruit from his tree and so on. Disputes arise on various occasions, but the main reason is always the same - the undefined boundaries of the land.

Go breakdown recovery of land boundaries / Pai If you are faced with such an unpleasant situation, then the best option for solving this problem is to appeal to qualified surveyors for help. The company "Guild of Engineering" working professionals who conduct such work qualitatively and in a short time. In their work they use only new equipment and use only new technology that allows to define the boundaries of the site with maximum precision.

Our surveyors carry out a range of activities aimed at the removal of the boundaries of the land. These include:

  • preparatory work. They include the collection and analysis of necessary materials, concerning the land plot which is subject to investigation;
  • topographical works;
  • land survey works;
  • carrying out laboratory works on the removal of the land in nature;
  • preparation of all necessary technical materials that relate to the removal of boundaries and their clearance in accordance with all requirements and applicable law;
  • fixing of the boundaries of the site boundary marks. Each landmark sign has a number of ten characters. It is unique for the whole territory of our country.

Current regulations allow for error when setting out the boundaries of the site. They are for different different settlements:

  • in our nation's capital and regional cities - Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, etc.  - 0.1 M. This error is admissible and for the cities of regional subordination;
  • all other cities and towns of Ukraine - 0.2 m;
  • in the villages - 0.3 m;
  • for plots of land that are located outside settlements and have an area of not more than 10 hectares error is - 0.5 m;
  • if the land area of 10 hectares - 2.5 m.

Our surveyors in their work using innovative equipment by means of which the definition of the boundaries of the site happens to the nearest centimeter. Therefore, entrusting us with such surveying work, as the removal of boundaries in nature, you can be assured that the disputed issue will be resolved fairly.

The fixing of the boundaries of the land boundary markers must be carried out in the presence of the owner of the land, and also requires the presence of owners of adjacent parcels - neighbors. If they for some reason cannot attend, then it must be a person authorized by them.

Recovery and removal of the boundaries of the land

there are cases when it turns out the fact that the neighbor climbed on your land your fence or build on it some structure. This prevents clogging of the peg. In this case, the customer provides a diagram showing the size of the plot on which there was a discrepancy. The scheme shall be in the 1/500 scale. This documentation will be useful in court in deciding the dispute with a neighbor.

Neighbor disputes are not the only reason for such works. Removal of boundaries you may need in such cases:

  • when buying or renting of land when there are doubts about the correctness of their issuance or when the boundaries are not installed
  • when the owners of the site not having any documents about the definition of the boundaries of the site, want to get it, to protect yourself from potential conflicts with neighbors;
  • when the developers want to make sure that the building will be placed accordingly to the project documentation
  • when the boundary is lost or destroyed.

staking out the boundaries of the land is quite important procedure, so trust it is necessary only to qualified experts, who possess special knowledge and skills, such as surveyors company "Guild of Engineering".

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