High-altitude geodetic basis on the construction site

High-altitude geodetic basis on the construction site

Before performing any kind of center work the team of surveyors need to "stretch" the construction site of the geodetic points and rapper from which they will continue to work. The correctness of their placement and coordination plays a very important role in the further implementation of geodetic tasks. In carrying out these activities needed more time, but they will significantly reduce delays in further works.

Geodetic levelling network is also called a levelling network. Its points are fixed with the help of special brands and levelling of benchmarks, which are laid either in the walls of the estate, or in the ground. High-rise network is the basis for the topographical survey. Re-definition of high-rise network allows us to study the vertical movements of the earth's crust. All the necessary information about the high-rise center networks displayed on topographic and geodetic terms. This information includes places which are high-rise moves, designated the reference to the benchmarks of a levelling network, which is the state, and specifies the class of high-rise moves.

High-altitude geodetic basis on the construction (site)

Special precision is required with high-rise basis during the construction of structures that can be classified as unique, luxury high-rise real estate, having a metal structure. Such facilities have a huge area of the construction site, so you first create a center frame basis in the construction of a free system of polygons that are closed. This network covers the whole area. Frame network is routed through the leveling of class III. Also, this class leveling is used to create high-altitude geodetic networks in those places, where there are topographical survey. In such cases also used the leveling of class II and IV, depending on the area and characteristics of a building or structure that is being built. The coordinates of the points layout are calculated on the basis of geodetic measurements.

Our specialists have vast experience working with representatives of design organizations and persons directly perform work, so laying is carried out at the highest level that does not cause additional questions and misunderstandings, is correct. Modern high-tech equipment and new approaches to the solution of assigned tasks, as well as years of experience in building (including foreign partners) allows in the shortest terms to complete a number of tasks in compliance with the given precision.

Regardless of the height of work, number of floors and the size of a building or structure, the correctness of fixed geodesic laying the foundations remains at a high level, in accordance with existing normative documents.

Our geodetic base (footnote axes, anchor point, rappers...) guaranteed allows to perform measurements in the terms and in the vertical plane, in any part of the building object with the same high accuracy.

High-altitude geodetic basis on the construction

The Bad weather conditions (rain, strong winds, frost...), dark (night) time is limited, inconvenient working conditions, remoteness of object - for us this is NOT a problem! We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our Employees take annual refresher courses, have the relevant documents, grades, categories, taking part in various geodetic conferences, forums, congresses, go to exchange experience in other areas, regions, countries. All equipment have certificates and every six months, verified, has high accuracy and performance. Entrusting us with the execution of geodetic works You choose accuracy, speed and reliability.

I would like to remind that according to the SNiP in the design of complex objects, such as the building above 10 floors, cities, overpass, subway tunnel in the section of the project should be a section "the Project of manufacture of geodetic works".

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