Tall vertical geodetic survey for planning relief

Before construction or do any work on any site, there is a need to define landscape - we must understand all exceeded, slope, and other curves of the land surface area. Some sites seem "equal", flat, and the owner neglects surveying, resulting in the operation site. For example, even the most insignificant precipitation (rain, snow, etc) can cause many disadvantages of pooled water (Luz), and storm flows will be generated in unexpected places, etc. altimetric survey section will give an opportunity to define all sorts of places of a congestion of precipitation, slope, the differences and the excess on the ground. What would correctly Orient the section for work it is necessary to maximally take into account the existing situation of the earth's surface, it will allow to reduce labour and time costs, which undoubtedly will affect the costs of doing the work.

On demand of the customer the density of shooting (the number of points (marks) in a particular area) may change, it depends on the complexity of the existing and future landscape, that is, the more the bends of the terrain, the density of the shooting should be higher, and on the turnover.

Tall vertical geodetic survey for planning relief

Also altimetric survey is needed to further define the scope of movement of the earth that must be done, making the correct Executive surveys and correct cartograms of calculation of volumes after construction of the landscape.

For "vertical" layout of the site required a project of relief organization, which is developed on the basis of updated, detailed surveying before beginning work. After issuing designers set of draws an integral part of work is geodetic marking and control. Surveyors on the ground will be binding guidelines, elevations (rapper) and other characters to guide progress operators of machines and mechanisms, as well as workers, employed at the site. Not unimportant factor is and control over the performance of work, timely geodetic adjustment will allow to avoid deviations from the project will reduce the time and therefore costs.

Having all the necessary components, such as hi-tech and precision equipment, which allows to perform any tasks quickly and efficiently, qualified personnel, who have all the necessary methods of our organization will be able to perform all kinds of geodetic tasks aimed at achieving Your goal.

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