Definition of the boundaries of the site

The Main characteristics of any land, its boundaries and size. It depends on these parameters, the value of the land. And these are the indicators to be the subject of disputes between neighbours. To avoid unpleasant and conflict situations, it is necessary to conduct a simple but important procedure the definition of boundaries. Such conflicts arise when the land is not duly executed, that is, does not have a cadastral plan and rooms, as well as act the agreement between the parties borders.

Definition of boundaries

However, disputes with neighbors – not the only reason, which requires a similar procedure. in the Definition of land boundaries it is also necessary to design properly cadastral documentation, and the creation of protective structures.

The Definition of boundaries is a fairly simple procedure and quick compared with other surveying work. But it is only at first glance. It requires maximum accuracy of results, for even the slightest mistake can lead to the deployment of the conflict between the owners of adjacent lands. To ensure that the results were valid, before you carry out the work at the site, the engineer should be carefully prepared. In the first stage of training requires study surveying materials on this site, and  documents on land management. When the specialist is familiar with all the materials, you can proceed to field work at the site. Defining borders is using surveying instruments. They make the figures accurate.

The Next stage is approval of certain boundaries with neighbors. This is the most important and sometimes difficult step of the entire process. In the act of agreeing is necessary to make information about all the owners of the adjacent lands. You need to have each of them signed his name in it. This is mandatory’mandatory.

However, there are times when some of the neighbors refused to sign the documents. Most often Wops’is due to the fact that after defining the boundaries of his plot became a little less, or, for example, incorrectly installed fence. Then the customer service remains nothing how to go to court with a suit against the neighbor. Because the act of defining the boundaries is an important document that you will need further development of the cadastral documents.

Establishment of boundaries direct-Wops’associated with boundary-marks. They fixed the key points of all of the angles on the plot. Boundary marks are established in the case where the land has no protective structures or not is delimited by natural about’objects – water or green spaces. These marks are the form of columns, firmly and securely anchored in the ground. Any removal, damage or disappearance of one of the signs lead to the fact that you will need to carry out the procedure of re-establishing the boundaries. This process is also accompanied by the drafting of the deed of transfer of custody of the appropriate number of characters. Because each landmark is a sign placed on any site regardless of region and locality across the country, has its own personal room.

Defining borders you can go two ways – fast and long. You can refer to the state land authorities and wait for their turn and the visit of the engineer. But there is a short way to refer to the company " Guild Engineering”. Our company is licensed and has all the proper documents that allow such procedures and issue official acts by their results.  

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