Visualization and estimation of the parameters of NDVI using drones and drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture, today, is used widely for efficient and economical solutions to completely different tasks. The use of drones and requires the technique of precision farming. The goals pursued are different: the control over land and the uniformity of germination, drawing up accurate maps of the fields, measurement of cultivated areas, bird protection and even theft protection. Innovative devices equipped with infrared cameras, aerial survey by help to timely identify problem areas with diseased plants and rationally to make feeding and chemical preparations. This allows excellent visualization and assessment of parameters of NDVI using drones and drones − farmers get images of high extensions and can correctly solve the problem.

Visualization and estimation of the parameters of NDVI using drones and drones

How to use drones?

Any drone pre-programmed: sets the shooting mode, speed, altitude and flight trajectories. A huge advantage of this innovative equipment, it does not require special conditions, able to fly in any weather and time of year, and explore the vast area of land. Thus, to track the status of the field, to plan crops, predict yields and to prevent its reduction is possible without leaving the office.

it is Important that unmanned equipment may carry out regular flights over the land and in time will signal about the possible destruction of the crop. Infrared image well recognize diseased infection: infected plants reduced green pigment from the chlorophyll that is good will be seen in the pictures. Equipment used in:

  • spot spraying fields with chemicals against pests;
  • of vegetation indices;
  • planning for application of fertilizers;
  • watering of fields;
  • calculation of the seed;
  • tracking status fields.

Using the drone in a short time to obtain a highly precise and absolutely reliable visual information about the state of the large-scale acreage. It does not require the big effort and investment. Not coincidentally, the use of drones, a lot of farmers, a major breakthrough in agricultural business that allows to significantly reduce production costs.

Assessment of vegetation covers

One of the most popular services are the preparation of yield maps and maps of the state of the vegetation cover. By ordering this service, farmers can accurately determine the size of the grounds to learn about the nitrogen content in the soil moisture, waterlogging, get a bump map to define the boundaries and area of the territories of agricultural work. Many farmers noted that the control for crops and seedling crops using drones allows you to quickly determine the quality of seedlings and their further development during the vegetation period.

Further calculated the normalized vegetation index − NDVI (calculated from imagery of different spatial resolution) and identifies those areas where the necessary fertilizing: this approach allows to reduce the amount of fertilizer and expenditures. The value of NDVI is very influenced by the condition of vegetation, color of the soil, and the angle of inclination of a surface.

the summary information in the form of images and documents allows farmers to get precise detailed data on the health and condition of their crops.

Services from the company "Guild Engineering"

the Company "Guild Engineering" guarantees: visualization and estimation of the parameters of NDVI using drones and drones, as well as other services will be made quickly and efficiently. All work can be performed together or separately. We ensure precise planning of agricultural activities, identifying nedov, estimation of sowing, preparation of digital orthophotos, vector maps, rational application of fertilizers and improving the quality and volume of harvest.

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