Of the boundaries of the plot

The boundaries of the plot – the concept is ambiguous. On one hand, they must be accurate, clearly marked. But on the other side of the border of the land cause many disputes. Considering such a controversial notion, in any case, you want boundary.

Of the boundaries of the plot

the Limit of the land are called the lines that share the land. The combination of these lines creates a closed system. On these lines most often land isolate themselves from each other by fences, trees, hedges, or other barriers.

in Order to use the land legally must adhere to the rules of surveying. To learn the right boundaries is only possible during the procedure of their establishment.

This work is performed by engineers and mandatory’sure on the basis of certain documents on land management. Depending on the situation, the documents may vary. So, if at the time of the procedure the area is already performed work for the compilation of technical documentation on land management, but failed to set the boundaries, then out on the basis of these technical materials. And when talking about"the unity of sites or, conversely, their section, it is necessary to rely on project materials. If any documents on land the owner has not yet, the procedure establishment of land boundaries is included in the complex of works on creation of a package of technical material on land.

Procedure establishment of boundaries accompanied by a consolidation of landmarks. This is a special mark in the form of a column having a unique number and is fixed on the turning points of the plot. Boundary marks are not always. There are several situations-exemptions, when these bars are not needed. For example, if the separation line is already installed signs, or if on the border already have fencing about’objects – fences, windbreaks, ponds. There is another case where there is a ban on excavation or consolidation of signs is impossible by natural factors. In this case, the turning points are marked not by columns, and marked with paint.

Boundary  are fixed so that they do not interfere with the movement of people or vehicles were very strong and held fast in their places. The hiding place proves the inconsistency of the actual situation to the information specified in the documents.

Mandatory’a prerequisite for execution of the routine establishment of land boundaries there is a presence of the land owner and owners of adjacent lands. This is necessary in order to conduct the negotiation phase boundaries. Without this stage, the whole procedure is invalid. As a result of works shall be drawn boundary of the land and their coordination. This Act must be signed by all stakeholders, i.e. owners of all adjacent parcels. If some of the neighbors do not agree with the results of the procedure and refuses to sign the document, the customer has the right to go to court.

Another document, which is compiled according to the results of demarcation is the Act of reception-transmission of landmarks. It is being developed, if the fact of fixing the turning points of these characters. In the document must specify each individual character number that is assigned to him.

Establishment of land boundaries should be conducted exclusively by engineers-surveyors, who have permission for this work. It is better to contact a reputable company that are very old and offer their services on surveying the market. All specialists are certified and experienced in matters of land management. Such is the company " Guild Engineering”.

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