Executive survey

Surveying is modern science that has found its wide application not only in construction, but also during the allocation of land and design. Without data that demonstrate and confirm the specialists in geodesy, state institutions are unable to give your building or another structure of the registration number and act of ownership.

Executive survey

So surveying work is irreplaceable and needed by all. Executive survey is one of the main areas of surveying. An ongoing process of construction of new premises, expansion area, and the resettlement of citizens outside of the city contributes is not always correct and exact division of the territory, the violation of the conditions of ownership that may be cause for legal action.

Executive survey is the verification of the declared in the registry of the size of land, which is used during construction and surveying works are carried out during the design and execution of installation works during construction.

How is Executive survey

If you decided to check is not violated if your neighbor is the border between your sites, or planning a new build and want to make sure that everything is done according to the register – you have to call a team of specialists with surveying. You need to prepare the documents certifying your property as well as registration number.

Executive survey, as part of the surveying needed in order to test the implemented division of the land, to identify violations, control further zabudowana. It is important to remember that the survey can be conducted at all stages of construction works.

Conducting Executive survey

During the first stage, specialists of surveying needs to examine in detail a plan for the building, to check the documents of ownership and state registration. It should be noted that surveyors can make a plan of your home, if you have not had time to register it and get a full package of documents to the house.

Background checks gives you the opportunity to explore the General layout of the building and auxiliary structures, to see the underground gaskets, if any.

The second stage may last a few days. Specialists of geodesy conduct Executive survey your territory. During this work, are usually used, electronic and mechanical devices with the ability to display images on the monitor and more accurately calculate coordinates at a distance. On the previous site plan surveyors noted the main and side structures, measure the distance between them, analyze the location of neighboring properties and their relationship with the customer. In case of violations, the customer is entitled to legally demand repayment of its part of the territory.

The third and last stage is the documentary. To conduct Executive surveys, surveyors make up the final construction plan, provide the customer with final measurements and data, report violations, if any. Executive survey helps to fully analyze the territory, to prepare it for development, check with a registered adjacent areas and to prevent the occurrence of complications in the process of construction.

It should be noted that after preliminary discussions, the experts from the surveying may hold Executive survey not only of land and the buildings on it, and Executive survey of your pipeline, electricity, all additional facilities for you to have a complete picture of your site and could in the future to design new buildings and renovate old ones without the fear to encroach on other people's possessions.

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