Copy of the land

The story of each building always begins with research on specific land. Of course, it is sometimes possible to use the land for a certain time, not processing all the necessary documentation. But to own it completely legally, you need to take possession of the land after gathering all the materials. To execute documents in accordance with the norms and law, it is necessary to undertake a lot of work: certain legal regulations that intersect with the comprehensive surveys. In particular, it is necessary to timely conduct such a study, as a copy of the land that will provide an opportunity to obtain the necessary technical documentation.

Copy of the land is considered to be among the experienced builders one of the most important services of the order without which it is almost impossible to get permission to start any construction and connection of utilities and communication lines. Copy of the land − it is nothing like the area plan, which copies a topographical plan of the area where a land plot that interests you.

The purpose vicoprofe land

The main objective of this important research is considered to be excretion of the purposes of the construction of a particular object, as well as communications − copy provides accurate data on the situation of any site. Also, the copy of the land necessary for the competent execution of land documents, and, if necessary, to enter into possession of the land for a long time was in communal ownership.

What is the difference vicoprofe section from the topographic map?

A large number of developers newcomers believe that the preparation of topographical survey plan and Vcore land is one and the same. Indeed, these studies are similar, but there's one big difference: the plan is built on a large area, and the copy refers to a specific, local area.

Copy of the land from the topographic map contains a large set of information which collectively must pass all of the characteristics on the selected site. In fact, it is so fully disclosed all of the technical and geographical properties of the area. These include:

  • how is the land in relation to adjacent;
  • the parameters of the investigated area;
  • the precise place of passage of all utilities (underground and surface);
  • does the site or adjacent water bodies.

Standard package of documents does not require additional information: you must have documents confirming the right to land on which to conduct research. To carry out geodetic surveys of any complexity, turn to the experts of the company "Guild Engineering" − we guarantee the quality and speed of execution of all works.

What is the advantage of LLC "Guild Engineering" to state structures?

Many land owners believe that it is more economical to order surveying services in government agencies. But, if you approach this so can significantly delay the time and, consequently, spend more money. Therefore, if the document on the implementation of the study must be obtained in the shortest possible time, it is better to turn to specialized company "Guild Engineering". Thus Vcore land will be performed by skilled professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and have surveying equipment without delay period. Also, we quickly and professionally implement all kinds of geodetic works, and you will receive accurate information regarding the land.

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