Copy of the land

Collect and organize full package of land management, which will allow legally to use a particular land is quite troublesome. To accomplish this, you must have the time, effort and a certain amount of money. Moreover, for every procedure offers a variety of services for the compilation of accurate documents.

Copy of the land

For example, in order to exchange, donate, lease, sell, or buy land, it should be reliable site plan − copy of the land that is considered to be one of the basic components of such documentation. In this important document should describe in detail the topography of a technical nature and properties of land. Firm with an excellent reputation of LLC "Guild engineering" has the necessary special equipment and qualified specialists, therefore all geological and geophysical work will be done efficiently and within the required time.

You pay attention to when you execute copies of the land?

When you are running a copy of the land specialists pay attention to the technical and geographical nature of the terrain under study. Also, of great importance as is a plot relative to other plots that are around her. Must be included in the document water bodies and rivers that are near the site. For accuracy of the plan identifies all objects that are on site, including sewer, water lines and other existing underground utilities.

Despite the fact that the copy of the land not considered to be a permissive document, which gives the start of the construction, but it is impossible to guarantee the solidity of the structure. You should not ignore these important studies. Because as a result of such surveys conducted in the preparatory phase, it is possible to obtain clear information that is the basis for the permissibility of construction in a particular area.

Goals and objectives a copy of the land

Competently conduct research, perform measurements and make a copy of the land can only be experienced specialist with high qualifications. To begin with, he will examine archival documents, which consisted of his predecessors.

You need to keep in mind that it is a copy of the land pursuing such important objectives as:

  • execution of works on designing specific structures;
  • analysis and check whether the planned building plot;
  • the research from which conclusions can be drawn about the possibilities of development of agricultural areas;
  • obtaining information about the plot.

Usually, the copy of the land comes from the resulting geodetic survey, topographic map of the area. It is from this common document, the major scale is made in the schedule, the experts receive a copy. This is the part of the plan, which applies to your land. These studies can be accomplished in various ways: either copy the conduct of municipal service, and in the meantime lose time and money overpay. Or you are leaving your home contact our company "Guild Engineering". It is enough just to call listed on the official website. This option is a guarantee that you will receive dezastru archival and current information about land. Our qualified specialists for a short time professionally carry out all the necessary procedures and geodetic survey, and get the most accurate data. This approach is a belief that you not only save precious time but also money.

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