Copy of Chernihiv region

the Action! geodetic survey for connection to the electricity and RECs  and Chernigivoblenergo such areas as longer referred to as the district, Korop district, shchyors district, Pryluky district,  Coseley district, Ichnya district, ( district, Chernihiv region, Novgorod-Seversky district, Gorodnya district, Talalayevsky district, Bobrovitskiy district, Nizhyn district, district Warminski, MENA district, Serebransky district, village, district, Semenov district, koryukivka district, Bakhmach district, Sosnitsky district, Kulikovsky the district, Chernihiv region, in part: copy  of surveying plan in the composition, which require an electrical outlet on a scale of 1:2000 determination of the placement of electrical equipment, land or predicted attachment point with a radius of 300 meters around the point of connection to the mains and site plan identifying the location of electrical installations and at the price of 800 UAH. If necessary, send a technician on a plot of 1500 UAH.

Accuracy and objectivity is important in any business. But the special meaning of these parameters gain when it comes to the construction process and any land transactions. It is from the accuracy and correctness of the performed procedures and the resulting data depends on the further work of the builders, the reliability and durability of future construction in General.

Copy of Chernihiv region

this is why every procedure, every geodesic process should be carried out only by qualified professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in this sphere and the specifics of a particular work. Also attention should be paid and the equipment and conducted field work and the results are examined. Only so much can be achieved the desired accuracy. From the Engineering Guild you will get only objective and correct results, regardless of what study you require. Particular attention is paid to the official documents submitted in the other state agencies or institutions for permission for certain activities on the site.

in Addition to the architectural and land management agencies, there are also a number of others. One of them is the RES and energy companies. To access it you must, if your site is not connected to electricity or it is necessary to connect the new structure. In order to connect to  Chernigivoblenergo any resident of Chernihiv region't do without copies of the topographic plan of scale 1:2000, which can be developed by our company. In this document, which is a reduced copy of the topographic plan must be complied with absolute accuracy. All items must meet the same elements topoplan. Only representatives of the RECs will be able to properly and easily spend connecting your site to the power grid.

Accuracy is important for such a document as the situational plan of the territory. As the copy, situational plan is made on the basis of topographic information. And they, in turn, obtained in the course of surveying. If not so long ago on your site already has conducted this survey, please provide us with the materials, and we will develop on the basis of their plan. But if after shooting was the large amount of time - several years, or it was not conducted, then take advantage of our services and for carrying out this process. Especially because so situational plan will be exact, and hence further your actions will be correct.

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