Copy of the Donetsk region

Guild Engineering quickly and efficiently  will perform the copy  of topographic plan of scale 1:2000, as well as site plan identifying the location of electrical installations in Donetsk oblast for Donetskoblenergo and RES, and make a copy for podklusenye to an electrical outlet in Maryino district, yasinovatskiy district, amvrosiivka district, Volodarsky district,  Novoazovskiy district, Krasnolimanskaya district, Telmanovo district, Starobeshevskiy area, Mining area, Dobropillya area, Konstantinovsky district, Pershotravnevyi district, Trembecki district, the Slavic area, Volnovakha district, Krasnoarmeysky district, Velikonovoselkovskiy district, Alexandrovsky district cost-800 UAH. If necessary, send a technician on a plot of 1500 UAH.

the copy of the topographic plan of the Donetsk region

If your land is in one of the settlements in the Donetsk region, and you need to bring to him electricity, it is necessary to contact the district grid. To connect you will be to networks Donetskoblenergo. For this procedure you will need this document as a copy of the topographic plan. Make it company will help you the Engineering Guild. Any area in any settlement, Donetsk region can be examined by our experts. We have all the necessary professional equipment and computer programs that will help to make accurate field surveys and handled appropriately.

At the end you will receive the latest copy  of topographic plan of scale 1:2000, as well as site plan identifying the location of electrical installations in Donetsk oblast for Donetskoblenergo and RES. These indicators, combined with the high qualification of our employees in providing surveying services, we have become a reputable company whose work you know and Donetskoblenergo. We consider all their requirements in the performance of their duties. Therefore, with the approval of documents you will have no problems, and the connection process will go without hiccups and delays that could occur with the engineering side.

Copy to connect to the grid must be made in scale 1:2000. In General, the copy is performed for various purposes, not only to provide in REFs. In this case, the scale may be different, for example, zoom in to 1:500. However, the requirement oblenergos is 1:2000. This scale is most appropriate and acceptable for carrying out of works for connection to the power grid.

Another common service that we provide is services on the preparation of situational plan. It is a component of the technical documentation for the design. Situational  plan and a copy cannot be made without a preliminary topographic survey. On this graphic document must be marked not only the location of the site and everything, even the smallest, real estate, but also the relationship of this area with other objects - roads, communication lines. Graphics must be supplemented by text. The latter gives detailed explanations of all depicted in the plan.

That copy, situational plan have been compiled correctly and precisely, let their development to our team.

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